Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm new to living  down out of the mountains, as I've mentioned before...and when I went to discover what was out in my neighborhood last week, I found that the ocean  is LITERALLY one and  a half miles away from my door..who knew!
With these big storms we've been having the waves have been so pounding strong and big that the beaches have been closed, there was no beach at all, only water/tide...but Saturday morning when I could see some blue sky, I went for my walk on the beach, (there is a path that follows, but I like to walk on the sand, it's more work)...I happened to have my digital with me and snapped a couple shots...the one with the path shows a broken down ship...well that's the iron ship (click on photo to see better) was put there from the navy way back when,  after they discovered it couldn't do what they had hoped. It became a night club and restaurant back in the eighties, I believe, then left to die here, it's a local landmark.....this  is the Monterey Bay, and it is truly a majestic view of clouds, sky, heart pounding humongous waves, and the smell of the great open sea....hope you can capture some of this feeling through my little camera pictures...have a happy day....juner


Lorraine said...

we stayed at Monterey and visited santa cruz where we had lovely pesto omelettes in this very laid back cafe when we were on our road trip through the US after getting hitched in Vegas! Beautiful photos bringing it all back ..thanks for sharing

Sandy said...

These are gorgeous photos, I love this area. I'm down in So Cal. Your art is your Rock series, your whimsical, all of it so nice.

We traveled up that way a lot last year (oldest son lives in Mill Valley), and I love the scenic route more than taking the "5"...

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's