Friday, January 29, 2010


The response to this new series of watercolor, storybook illustrations has been so very encouraging.   I'm thrilled to pieces that everyone has been enjoying these so much...I finished repairing Mathilda Wickcliff today, (I spilled...geez!) and her other two partners, Benjamin McTish and the Amethyst Fairy will be joining the crew in the next few days, after they receive their finishing touches, with Mathilda's big sister Annabel following soon...happy blogging...again, thank you so much for all your happy happy comments...june

Wednesday, January 27, 2010




WOW! What an event. This is my first time here with the rest of you. I'm brand new to the art of blogging as please, have patience and fun when you explore my site.
I've known Lisa for fourteen years and even though we spent many summer on our boat in Lake Tahoe, or playing board games at our dining room table, I never really got to know the true Lisa Oceandreamer until recently. Her talent and her curiousity to reach out to other artists has created a world wide sensation. Because of her freedom to explore the whimsical side of life and having so much fun with it...well, it gave me the courage to do just the here are just a couple samples of my recent venture into's like it just kept flowing out of me and I couldn't stop inventing characters, but here are two samples of my explorations. My give away will include your choice of a beautiful full color print of one of these illustrations...or if you're a rocker at heart, then by all means tell me which original rock poster you would prefer. Now keep in mind these photos are quick shots and not at all true representations of how magical the color really is. The rock posters are beyond dull, but when you're on my blog you will see how colorful Janis is compared to this. Make sure you leave a comment and an email so I can notify you when you win your prize which will be announced on February 15th....and make sure to include which give away you have your heart on...thanks for allowing me the pleasure to participate in so much fun...on a GLOBAL level...! June

EDIT:February 5...the response I am receiving regarding my work has been simply lovely and personally deeply rewarding! So much so, that since good little Finely is receiving so much praise I have decided to have two for the rockers, which Janis seems to be in the lead...and the other for the whimsical at heart...thx for playing everyone....YEAH OWOH!!

This is Chantilly Lily, the ballerina

This is Finley Heaton, the star hanger

these poster are 24 x 36

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm new to living  down out of the mountains, as I've mentioned before...and when I went to discover what was out in my neighborhood last week, I found that the ocean  is LITERALLY one and  a half miles away from my door..who knew!
With these big storms we've been having the waves have been so pounding strong and big that the beaches have been closed, there was no beach at all, only water/tide...but Saturday morning when I could see some blue sky, I went for my walk on the beach, (there is a path that follows, but I like to walk on the sand, it's more work)...I happened to have my digital with me and snapped a couple shots...the one with the path shows a broken down ship...well that's the iron ship (click on photo to see better) was put there from the navy way back when,  after they discovered it couldn't do what they had hoped. It became a night club and restaurant back in the eighties, I believe, then left to die here, it's a local landmark.....this  is the Monterey Bay, and it is truly a majestic view of clouds, sky, heart pounding humongous waves, and the smell of the great open sea....hope you can capture some of this feeling through my little camera pictures...have a happy day....juner

Friday, January 22, 2010


I found myself staring at this piece that hangs in my living came from an estate sale and is somewhere around 70 years old or more...I had it reframed to feel like it came from some old church somewhere...I simply love this inspires me...I felt the urge to share it today...maybe it will inspire you...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


WOW!  What a storm!...I live in a cute little A-Frame so all the windows are really sky the actual sky lights on the little entry that is flat on top....and when that hail started coming down in sheets, it literally was deafening! I could not yell loud enough to be heard over the pommeling on the windows and was  truly spectacular, all the sounds and the lightening...I love the rain and we have not had much, but today has made up for it. Here is a picture of my dinning/living area, with a small glimpse up into the loft, just to give you an idea of the side of the A-frame wall/windows...funky, huh?  But I love it here....especially when my girlfriend called from the old mountain home I used to live at, to let me know they have not had heat, water, or electricity for two days already....ahhh country living....

Monday, January 18, 2010


So here is a photo of the antique French coral chair I promised to's close to 100 years old and came straight from an estate sale in France...I simply LOVE the color and style of this chair...although, I will admit, not so comfortable without an's a little short I am building my own ottoman out of some amazing antique wood carvings from Java...and some antique legs I found at a local keep your eyes pealed, I'll be showing soon.
AND...I've decided to add a followers widget...Thx to Lisa (oceandreamer), I am really enjoying searching out the rest of you fellow artist, and artist minded this way, as you leave your name and photo, which also links with your site...I'll be able to explore in a grander way...Please, no matter what, leave your follower tag so I can check out your site as well...have a happy, happy rain day...I am off to visit with my best  friends, Pat and  Nancy...she is an amazing  artist and he is a landscape designer...AND the most brilliant cook and it is clams, muscles and linguini, and something with the huge score of Chantrelle's that I picked, which is up on the property they live on, that was part of the same place I lived for ten yrs., up in the mountains of Santa Cruz.... I haven't shared where the bounty is hidden...ha ha...yummy for  me....

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My new best blogger friend, Tristan, ( ) is celebrating in a big way today....300th follower! To commemorate this amazing feet of endurance he is also celebrating his 40,000 th give away! By doing just that, another simply delicious giveaway....I hope this entices you to take a look if you haven't already..however, once you're there, I'm sure you will agree, that Tristan is a very special person, with tremendous talent and insight...I just love him to death!
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Friday, January 15, 2010


This is going to be my first time participating in good friend Lisa is the creator and host...I'm looking so forward to meeting all you out there...this is very exciting...!!  Meet you soon...juner

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Red Buddha

Someone wrote to me that they loved my Red Buddha and thought I should share I am...and here he is..
I was in that revery sleep, way early one morning and I saw him...a big buddha floating in red...I got out of bed and put this on canvas that very day...truly divinely inspired...hope you enjoy as well...happy day...juner

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Small Alice Italian Cupboard

I took some new photos today, of the Antique Italian Cupboards and Benches I make, to give to a local garden store that is interested in selling them.  I decided to share a couple of the Small Alice Italian Cupboard because they are just so much fun...I'm saying this from my designers heart.  I really have a passion for old wood and worn out carved pieces.  I love aging the wood with paint and designing with these rare little oddities I find, it is very satisfying to me as an artist.  I keep collecting antique corbels and carved wood pieces from Java and little by little, I will build my fun little whimsical cupboards and what ever else that may sing to my heart.....I'm actually working on an ottoman to go along with my antique French coral chair...maybe Ill take a picture of that tomorrow to share with's  simply delicious!...(the chair that is)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been fine tuning the color.  Think I got things right, HOWEVER, I am having new posters printed WITHOUT the name of the rock legend (licensing issue)...give me a little more time to remedy this matter, then they are all yours...ha ha!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taking Xmas down and leaving color up

I finally got it together today and took the two hundred some, ornaments and multi ribbons off the tree, packed up the myriad of decorations that had been systematically collected and placed on the dining room table the past couple of days, and  loaded everything into their perspective boxes and stored in the shed....yeah, me.  However, as the night stared creeping  in and the only thing left on the tree were the blue and green lights, I succumbed to the beauty of just the pure sparkle of lights unencumbered by anything else and decided to leave this tree of light up one more night...I wish you could see what I see.  It's like a million tiny stars, shining in the corner of the's so moody because of the blue and green...I am a big sap...what can I say.
The color of the ornaments piled on the floor was just as striking to me as well...I attempted to capture the awe of color...not quite as exuberant, but you get the's time now to get back to work, after all it is January 5 and Xmas is over, quickly, once again....

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Illustration Series

I've begun watercolor paintings of the whimsical nature...something completely new for me....I've wished to do this for so many years, but never let myself be "free" enough to go there...thanx to my friend Lisa and her amazing work, (check it out on my link's, a whimsical bohemian), I finally decided to give it a whirl.  And I am loving it!  It's so interesting to just sit with a blank page and let whatever character or story unfold, and just happen.  Here is a sketch, just to peek your interest....but full color and ink soon to arrive to the pages of The Art of June....time to begin the next chapter....

Friday, January 1, 2010


Here we are, January One!  A call came from my friend Jamie, from New York, at one in the morning last night.  She was reflecting on her life, (as do we all when the end of the year  approaches).

The alert, open and giving thoughts we shared were not only personal and intimate between two friends, but felt life altering on a profound level, (admittedly most things do at four in the morning), however, this was not one of those late night ramblings, brought about by fear, and searching for answers...yes, the idea of hope and renewal was the basis of our conversation, nothing earth shattering about that...however....the direction of our words brought us, individually and together, to the quandary, and challenge, of the understanding and execution of forgiveness...not  simply forgiveness of our parents or lovers, but more importantly...forgiveness of ourselves.

NOW the conversation had power!

We both could relate to the instances in our life, (more in recent years), of the little voices in your brain that keep you awake at night, in the wee hours,  attempting to commune with the Divine Universe, asking for guidance, and attempting to block out the shame and self  loathing of our follies and sins...and the conviction with which we promise to change, and the honest intent of our late and lonely  prayers.

We both felt a Divine Kinship with each other by the end of our late night phone call, across the country.....we realized we were put here, in front of each other, on this path for some reason...and last night we both felt the sweet and gentle honor of GRACE, bestowed upon our tiny little beings...NO MATTER WHAT....all you have.. is right in this moment...nothing else matters except what you do with this moment...and if you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?

Much Love, Respect and Joy, to all in the new moment of this new year, Juner

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's