Monday, July 11, 2016


I'm going to keep it short and much going on, as per usual around here.  Mainly, my husband has really had a time of it with his health..we just got back from the hospital again, today...but all looks like it should be on the mend...let's only hope so! 
Either way, we were able to have a moment to play before things went south...We had a great pre-4th party on the 3rd...tons of food and a lovely day with friends and family.

the patio has not been sealed yet so you
can't see how spectacular the color really
is...all blues and greens...soon!

We got a new kitty...!!  His name is Ziggy...Ziggy Stardust, for obvious reasons...he's a goofy looking little varmint...but loving his guts!  He's easy going and simply hangs on your lap for hours..plays with your face for a bit and snuggles like the dickens...A-dor-able!! 

Then there's the garden...since I'm working on changing things over to make for a more efficient home farm...planning on putting up a small barn down on the road to sell our goodies...I've been re-working the layout and importance of exactly what it is I am planting.  And right now that is mainly Tomatoes..and loads of them.  All amazing heirlooms and getting ready for canning, sauces and pickin right out the garden to eat!


And let's not forget the orchard...first and foremost, the grapes!!  I have a major crop going of Champagne grapes that I can't wait to eat and dehydrate into pounds of of our favorites around here.  The apple trees, the peach trees...apricot, plum, pear, cherry, fig, orange, lemon...however, not retaining a major crop as expected with the new hell that has become farm life...squirrels!!@!!!  So far this little fuck has completely cleared my plum and apricot..literally not one piece of fruit spared...and now he's half way through my two peach'll notice the netting surrounding didn't deter him in the's beyond heartbreaking...there are no words...moving on.


concord! yay!



white snow queen..what's left of them!!@@

looking back in from orchard..sweet brick
deck with fountain, potted plants and
drinking water spigot!

front gate from patio down into garden

nice view of back gate with trellised
grapes above.

strawberry patch

overview from backside, showing rose garden
on right and lawn above in back

heirloom, Rhode Island green..

staircase from front lawn down into orchard,
where theres a firepit, a soon to be deck, but for now
 a long bench and horseshoe pit set up...quite the
hang around here...soon to be planted in
"wedding"urns, peonys...concord grapes growing
along grape stake fence...awesome!

And chamomile flowers from the tea garden..yes, I am growing a tea garden...chamomile, lavender and lemon balm.  Will be including, ginger soon...big giant containers to go on the hillside in the back, next to the soon to be extended orchard, and...wait for it...the bee hive, and...still wait..the sheep pasture...don't ask!

The girls are having a fun summer thus far...and that's about it!

from top...Ruby, Penelope, and the old gal, Vida

Miss Monroe..need I say more!


The Ladies!

Much love to my besties...taking time to just "be" around here...been a very stressful year to say the I'm learning, however, it seems it's been that way for all of us in one form or another...and I'm sorry to hear about your sadness' and set backs  too...hope all is moving forward for everyone...mucho love to you all..enjoy the rest of your happy! xox juner

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


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Friday, March 11, 2016


I know, I know...I promised.  But I have a good excuse this time...I'm working madly to finish up the third book in my     YA/Tween Fantasy/Adventure Series, Benjamin McTish.  As you know, last year got all discombobulated with my father in law moving in and needing so much care (it's been a year by the way since his freaking quick did that go by!? I actually got teary about it last night..such is life and death)...and then my dear husband with his health issues, so the promised tome did not materialize as planned, however, I'v been writing and it's nearly there! (ps. having issues with format here on the ever problematic blogger posting..this should all be left align..sorry."

Here's the cover


So, time allowing and no sudden moves, it should be in my hot little hand by the end of the month..yay!

In the meantime, life moves on.  The storms have been poor little chix stand in their coop watching the flood go by their's really quite cute actually.  And don't get me wrong, I love the rain and grey it...but even this is getting to me a bit now I decided not to add any new ladies this month...eleven is a good number at present.  And until I can find the truly special ones I've been hunting for, it will remain as such.  Although I did rescue a little Buff Crested Duck..Penelope I call she's fitting in well at the present, getting her "big girl" voice and all...super cute.

Miss Monroe...of course!

Here we have, beginning on the right,..
Princess Buttercup, Ms. Monroe, Bette
(or Ms. M, or even Divine at times),
and I believe that might be Esther, then
of course Mr. Big..who started out as Gilda..!!

My favorite, but don't tell the others, Lydia...
she is ginormous..the fluffiest and softest chicken
you have ever held..unbelievable!!
this pic doesn't do her justice..the one 

I wanted wouldn't up load time.

Petunia..who is gigantic as well..Blue!

Sophie..or as we call her..Soff

Hermione...yes, Potter fan!!

The new baby..Penelope!

The old gals..Ruby and Vida..
Rubs came back after her first molt
with white feathers around her collar..??
Strange look, on her super black body
with shiny green feathers in her wings...
and now white!

And this is Mr. Big...we found a new home
for him..wait till you see this...
ps. he's only five months old here!
By the time he was six months
he came up above my knees..he was aptly
named..and yes, Sex in the City fan!

So we found a new home for our Mr. Big...he's on a local farm..little home farm..with forty hens!!  Talk about Cock of the Walk...anyway, this place is AH-Maze-ing!!  I felt like I was in England...big sprawling fields, geese wondering around and sheep...oh man, I've been wanting sheep for a while now...we'll see..this is just a random little guest cottage on the property..they had several...cute cute cute!

I want one of these...just this long path for
the sheep to come up from their pasture and is
capped off with an amazing magical!

the photo of the gate won't load..argh!!

Loads of other things going on for the Schneider clan...this is a house we went to visit with our friends, Kim and Tom.  Their friend Ron has been building this by hand for six years...I took loads of photos, and don't want to inundate you will save for future post..because it's worth it..but here are a's made entirely of iron and steel...he likes rusted old scrapes and it was breathtaking..up in the hillsides, close to the coast...just spectacular! 

that's rusted iron framing the other metal..!

work room

A couple weeks ago we went off to the Roller Derby with our good friends, Bill and Paula...the girls come out in the beginning all bent over low and stamp their skates in time to David Bowie..Under Pressure (I think that's what is was Bowie either way and super dramatic), They wear scarves like bandits and it was super cool..unfortunately for them, our home team the Steamer Janes won! What a blast!

And last, but certainly not precious and perfect cat Frankie left us.  It's been since our big Xmas/Birthday bash that we've seen him around...and unfortunately living in the foothills of the forest is not the safest of homes for an outdoor cat.  I'd like to believe he simply got twisted around in the huge storm and found a new home...or that he went after something, or maybe something chased him, and again, got lost in all the inclimate weather and found some other lovely people to take care of him...He was most loved.  I've never had a relationship with an animal as I did with this fat tuxedo cat.  He would lie on my chest and literally put his arms around my neck and stare at brings tears to my eyes right now, just thinking of him. His perfect purring motor and his curling up on my lap...I simply loved him with all my heart. We shared a terrific eight years together and he could never be replaced.  The last fun memory we have of him is at the holidays when the kids were staying in the den and Frankie was literally walking around on my son Cal's chest and face...we were cracking up.  Cal kept attempting to speak with out getting cat in his mouth.."what is he doing?"  We just laughed and laughed..he was loved deeply by our family.  I wish I had some of his younger pics..or even better ones, however, most were from the old real camera days, and the others are..who knows?  Why they aren't in my Frankie folder I don't know..but I did have these to share...

So back to the grind...and the incessant rain!  I know, I know..we need it...but it's time to do some major gardening and right now it's a pile of mud!!  (my new obsession, bearded iris's..we'll talk) There are a couple other things to share, but I'll wait until next week...need to move on with my day and give you guys a break from reading about my life...stay happy, dry and safe...much love to my besties..and much joy to everyone else! xo juner

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's