Monday, January 16, 2017

RAY'S 65th!!!!

In case you were not here..which is really sad...I just gave one of the best parties I've ever had, bar none!  It was probably the best party of our life in this home, save for our wedding of course...what a night!!  Friends came to celebrate my best friend, who also happens to be my husband.  He turns 65 this coming Wednesday, but we took advantage of the long weekend to have a semi-surprise party for him.  All our kids were here, best friends, old friends, new friends and was just perfection!  It began at seven and most guests left between one-thirty and two!!   My girls and I danced until three, then we hung out in the den for a bit before everyone went to bed.  Guitars, bongos and music, singalong for hours..amazing!...I was so wound up because I didn't sleep the night before, so I was beyond tired, but I put a little Sex and The City in my computer, laid in bed,  and lulled myself to sleep at four-thirty, while my husband snored away.  Woke up early the next day and went downstairs to begin the massive clean up...began coffee and a great breakfast...I had a very special silent moment when I peered through the window into the den and saw the kids all curled up under mounds of blankets truly touched my heart as I thought of the future and a time when that will not be happening anymore, as life moves on.  So without further dear sweet Ray and his spectacular 65th birthday party...!!  And yes, the Xmas tree was still up, until just a few moments post to follow! 

My daughter in law was totally into the music!

my silly kids tied balloons to their heads
and danced around

getting ready to call it a 3:30 in the morning...

the next day at nine-thirty...too sweet in my book!

Major clean up!!

tired Louie..and Byron, watching the game.
In the end, it was just a lovely lovely evening...couldn't have asked for anything better, other than the few people who couldn't make it.  The food was great, and I've been told the German Chocolate cake I made was life altering..!! the meantime, I can't thank everyone enough for making this such a joyous and perfect occasion for my best best friend...Ray Schneider!!  Thx to my besties who were present...xoxoxo always my love to you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Well, since this is ridiculous how many photos a person can have, and how UNfriendly the new iphoto is in my El Capitan...I FREAKING hate it!  I'll just indulge a few photos from Thanksgiving...a sit down dinner for thirteen people!  Our daughters new beau....and apparently some serious dancing...

Ray and his best girlfriend Mark...geez these two!

Kenz and Alex                          

Good food!

There are no words for Byron!
Okay, so here we go...this takes so much time because I take about a million photos of my trees and none of them ever seems to display the true image of what is before me.  Flash just takes away ALL the magic and it looks like there are only a dozen ornaments on the tree, when in fact there are hundreds!  But I'm going to plunge through the millions of photos and see if I can limit myself down to a few for you....First just a couple of hunting for a tree on the mountain top...what a day!!

So we'll start with the pink/orange favorite this year!  We choose some really unique trees this time...super spaced out and long strange limbs going every which way..very organic, and very blue...really really pretty!  So this gave me some strong sturdy branches to hang multiples, which of course is my signature thing to do..that and the ribbons. This first tree is in our den, or my room as it's called, and it's all vintage, every single last ornament...and it's my favorite tree thus far! I start with pale baby pink and work down to medium pink, hot pink, dark pink to orange gold in to orange at the's truly spectacular!

My new acquisition direct center...from my daughter
on Xmas...large vintage pink with kitties
playing musical's the best ever!

The sunlight pouring in the room
would highlight the ornaments
in an amazing way...doesn't really
show as lovely here...but still beautiful.

Now on to the Turquoise tree....this one is really organic in shape..truly all branchy and spacey so you can really see the ornaments...this one is turquoise, claret, wine, purple, a bit of bronze and mossy green, with the new addition of pearl white and only turquoise lights, soooo pretty at night...looking forward to adding more to this tree in the coming years.

So we had our big Xmas party with tons of friends, loads of food, (which I might add was gone before you knew it, one of my better spreads), and of course the Xmas Choir!  AND a happy birthday song to me...and my friend Dave who celebrates on the 25th as well...what a way to party!

Getting ready for "They say it's your birthday"
by the Beatles..our traditional chair dancing song!
That's Dave in white next to me..we did it proud!

The "gals" ready for dancing music to commence!
And boy did it ever...

Our kids! (minus Tay who is on the dance floor)

It's just a trippy photo of our daughter in law!

The three snowmen hanging from the
chandelier and one big one  center, handing from
his tree...I freaking LOVE my snowmen!

I only got four stockings done this
year...more to come!

I know this is dark, however, it's the only
photo I have on Xmas day...celebrating my
birthday and my new Stetson!!
So, I did it!  It only took me just over three hours...!!  Which is why there is so much time between posts, ha ha.  I do hope you all had a magical holiday season, celebrating in whichever way you do..with family, friends, music, and laughter.  We had a magnificent time and I'm pooped!!  Oh, yeah, and now my husband decided to go and turn 65 in a couple weeks, so the party isn't quite over...ahhh!  

But in the end....the love you take is equal to the love you make....xoxoxo always to my besties ...mucho love, juners!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's