Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I finally got all the rest of my herbs cut down yesterday.  Good thing too, they were starting to head to the other side of perfection.  I've never had such a prolific crop and was thrilled to use the fresh herbs all summer.  The lemon basil being the favorite around here...unbelievable aroma!   Worked super well with my fresh heirloom tomatoes.

So, I've never dried herbs before and searched the internet for a better understanding of what I needed to do.  The best advise I got explained that hanging them in the kitchen wasn't such a good idea because the herbs would take on subtle kitchen smells...that it would take away from the intensity of the herb, and it needed to be darker than lighter, to keep the color.  However,  I've always loved the look of herbs hanging in the window of a kitchen,  and I have this great big window with the antique wood that would have looked so homey with herbs draped...but that would not I was lost as to where to hang my scented bundles.

Then I thought, well, why not in the entry enclosed porch!

We have a window that looks out onto the porch from the kitchen. and I keep the Xmas wreath hanging there all year round...when the season comes again, I just hang a new one.  It's amazing how well they keep that terrific scent.  During the holidays it's spectacular to walk through the entry and catch a drift of that perfect pine Christmasy does all kinds of good things for my soul.

So, I went ahead and hung the herbs next to the dried up old wreath.  And now the house smells of Oregano, Basil, Lemons and Marjoram, and a magnificent Spearmint that I just can't get enough of.  It's truly heart warming!  I have some growing wild right outside the kitchen deck and it hits you the minute you step outside.  It makes me smile.

Then I took some photos of the odd little iron....well, I don't know what to call it, a shelf thingy...that belonged to my father.  At first I had it in the corner near the den, and it just got lost there, then I thought hallway, but no way.  Finally I decided, bring it out into the open!  It's so unique and it was my fathers, so I wanted to see it daily.

Now it's my shelf holding all of his personal garden books, and part of my bowl collection. (I'm a bowl freak...can't imagine what that could mean, but I simply love them.)  
Right above it I hung a weathered old wire rack and put in colorful little pots of's all perfect!

Walking in from the small front door foyer
to enclosed porch off of kitchen

Looking up from kitchen through window
out to porch and hanging herbs

Amazing crop this year,
and this is what's left!
(Not counting the parsley
 and a pile more oregano,
and spearmint.)

Last year's Xmas wreath and new herbs
looking out opposite windows into front courtyard.
I LOVE this porch
It would be even better slightly bigger so
I could fit a cozy teak daybed to sit and stare outside,
but no complaints here.

How cool is this thing!
It's rusty and worn and has
 different color shelves...I'm mad for it!
(and that's my father's little mirrored elephant
for good fortune as well, that he kept in his room,
so it's a whole little homage to him).
I'm working on filling this with colored pots
and beautiful succulents...
which I'm obsessed with as well!

Hope you find a cozy little nooky places to fill with personal items that makes your heart sing...
enjoy! xox juners

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Oh my god!!!  WHAT an amazing game yesterday and we were there!  History was made and I will remember this day for the rest of my was one of the most exciting events I've ever been to.  The games leading up to this match were thrilling...but nothing can compare to being there in person with 36 thousands fans surrounding you.

Our Oakland Athletics have done the impossible and are heading into the playoffs as division champs!  If you haven't already seen it, go rent the movie Money Ball with Brad Pitt...that movie is about the A's and it's truly inspiring, interesting and a really entertaining film.

At this point they are go A'zzzzz!!

Hope your team makes you happy...enjoy,  xoxo juner

True fans!

Our posse to the right...

And to the left

36,000 screaming, crazy fans on a Wednesday afternoon!

My video's won't upload..bummer!
Nothing like the cheering of a crowd...
too bad you can't hear time
Our cheerleading squad...
he walks around playing a banjo?

He has an elephant hat on...the A's mascot,
 and blows a beat on his whistle to cheer too.

I don't know what he is...
but he was green and yellow, the A's colors

Our one like him...
one, two, three...YOU'RE OUT!!

Oh my exciting!!

We are so proud of our team!
They finished 12 to 5 over
the number one team in the league, (texas)!

Need I say more


Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's