Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I really have no news other than I have been so completely busy with the house and garden and new puppy....who is doing very well by the way.  
Bodhi is just the happiest, sweetest little bugger there is....we love him to death!

It's just been a whirlwind of busy around here.  So I have not done much on the art projects as of lately.  Although I did start my Michael Jackson piece.  Very excited about that.  I really made an attempt to sit down and finish the other pieces....but I just feel so ready to explore my talents and push myself further.  I need something more from my painting.  I can't explain it, I simply must do it and see where it takes me.  

Actually, I have been in a writing frenzy the past couple of weeks.  I'm in that part of my book where I know what's happening next so it's just pouring out of me.  This book is something else...or I should say, this process I find myself in is very rewarding.  I really get lost in this art with words.  I have been writing for two and three days straight. To the point where I had just the worst eye ache and my neck, geez, forget about it.

I was thinking it would be so fun to just put some of it out there and see how much interest I could bring in...but something is telling me to just keep writing, find and agent and go for it!

So, this weekend Case is graduating from HS.  Loads of people and big dinner party.  Some family that haven't been to the house since I moved in and did my "thang".  And there is nothing like guest coming and a dinner party that creates the frenzy of getting things done.  I'm painting the kitchen ceiling and  the laundry room (metallic copper, it's looking so cool) and washing all the hardwood floors...and on and on....oh! and of course I've decided to make home made stuffed pasta triangles, (that would be ravioli to us normal folk).  Why do I always do this to myself?  What can I say, I love a good dinner party!  Here's the last one we had a couple weeks ago....WHAT a great time we had!
My Core Group of Friends

I was playing around with my digital and got the weirdest results

We look good in red

Mike and Pat were beyond phenomenal...great pickin!

This one looks like we had a special guest hangin around...This light is only in the two photos I have of this spot....yikes!

The girls in full voice singing along with, what else....I Got You Babe...here's how this series went.

They just take my lead, how cool are they?

They really are the bestest friends any girl could ask for... ever!

In the meantime I have let go of my weekly catch up on some of my favorite sites, so I apologize for that.  I will get back to my peeking in on some of you in the next few days.  I really enjoy this. Seriously, I feel like I know some of you in a more intimate way and it makes me feel connected somehow in a bigger way.  I really feel like some of you are my friends.  

Speaking of friends,  I see I lost a follower today...that's too bad.  It's so hard not to take that kind of stuff personal.  You wonder what could have happened that some one would go through the trouble of actually erasing themselves from your site.  Did I say something they didn't agree with or offend someone's beliefs or did I neglect to keep my blog hopping with new and exciting art?  What could it be?

You know I've never just posted my thoughts without having a place to  go with them and photos to share. (although I went back in and posted a few photos after all).  
I'm just catching up with every one again, that's all.

Hope this day finds you feeling satisfied with your work and joyful with your life...much love to all, xoxo, juner 

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's