Sunday, October 30, 2011


On out recent trip down to LA, we were hunting around for "treasures" as we like to call them.  Ray's daughter guided us through the streets of Silverlake and we ended up in Pasadena.  We drove past a 2-3 story brick building a block long.  It had gigantic fake topiaries with lights on top of the roof and the name said STATS.  So we went inside.

This is what we found.

This was part of the Halloween display

 Then we popped our heads into one of the biggest antiques stores we've ever been in.  This was an amazing place, two levels and things were crazy expensive...but still fun to look at.

 And last but not least, this is a theatre near Mekenzie's house, cool huh?....

 We had a nice visit with the family and spent an afternoon with my oldest LA friend, Patrick, (my excentric artist buddy), and stopped by in Ventura on our way home and picked up a couple treasures along the way...oh I almost forgot, this is one we brought home with us from LA...hope you had a great weekend as well...xoxo june

Friday, October 21, 2011


So it's been two months since my friend passed, we're actually celebrating his life tomorrow...I'm still very saddened by everything.  I keep hearing his voice in my head.  Our language was music.  But it's simply time to move forward now.

I went out and visited some, almost all, of my blogging people.  It was so nice to see what you have been up some good inspiration, especially from  Blue Skies, who did something fun with an old piece of glass.  And then As Seen through My Eyes, this woman's broken glass mosaics are mind altering....she's simply the best, and she delves deeper and puts a personal spiritual meaning behind her work.  If you haven't seen either of these, go check them out.

Then you may have noticed I changed the look of my blog...this one just suits me much better than the last one.  What can I say, I love the black and white thing.  I am having trouble scanning to my computer, so the banner is not my best clear piece of work yet...but I'll fix it soon.

We are leaving for LA tomorrow to attend my niece's wedding, so will be gone a couple of days.
In the meantime, this is what I have been working on...minimal as it is.  You know I don't like showing my work mid stream...but I need to post something already and get back into the swing of things.

So here goes.

This is a finally framed piece that I bought from Shariyah...not only has she become a very kindred spirit to's so strange how you can hold so much love for someone you have never stood eye to eye with..but such is the case with us.  She lives in New Zealand, and I found her through OWOH.  I bought another piece from her almost two years ago.  Her mother is the one who introduced Ray and I...when I bought a piece from one of her other daughters as well...didn't know they were all strange is life?  Anyway, here is the final piece framed.   A darker version of Frida...LOVE IT!

Next is my Michael Jackson, that is most definitely in the's all over the board right now..but the idea is present.  I just love the way his hand is coming forward to reach out to you.  His big billowy white tuxedo's really going to be something when I'm finished.  I really want to do something different with the background...I need to up my game on this one..I hope to finish it very soon.

Then here is a little project I've been doing on the side.  I saw this somewhere, done to perfection, but thought, well I can do that, why pay someone else.  So I'm using enamels, which are hard core on the air and lungs..but I did do the first one with matt finish instead of glossy...who knew that all enamels were not glossy?   Anyway, these photos don't show how much blending this really is...and they aren't cleaned up or aged or finished yet...but I do enjoy the color palette...hope you can appreciate that as well.

And the last on my list is our guest bedrooms...this first one is almost finished.  I kept it in the theme of old french country.  I found the most amazing creamy tone on tone damask that I will be making the drapery from...right now it's just hung there for effect.  The canopies are not held back yet with tie backs, which will allow the drape to hang better. All the casings and trim are antiqued old gold leaf.  The floors are black plank.  I still need two great pillows for the bed's.  The drapery rod is funky and old cream, so I kept the shelving old cream as well.  There's an old french bombay, cream of course, but you can't see it in this.  I found the old french botanicals, hanging above the headboards,  on our last trip out...oh geez!  I completely forgot about that trip...I'll have to make another post about our one year anniversary of living together trip to Tahoe...great photos of that.
But in the meantime.  I am painting an ivory and black stripe ribbon, with gold trim around the top of the ceiling, which I painted a very deep rich creamy/coco..then I'll add a little thin vine of roses sprinkled here and there.  I need to frame out the big pictures of art.  And of course I aged down the closet doors...

Here's a quick shot of the upstairs guest room/ office...just getting started on that one..will fill in later as things progress...

And last, here is a new...well obviously very old, but new to us, staircase cool it that?!  Then I finally finished my lampshades for the landing and my ivory/black stripe ribbons...can't get enough of those.   Oh and the green walls behind the iron are not finished at all..still in stage two of washing them out and aging.

Reminder to self....clean cobwebs before taking photos to share

So thx for all your patience and for sticking around.  Oh, and I almost book is just about in the box.  

A couple more days of intense writing will see the final chapter complete.  I am looking forward to sharing...I know a lot of you have been waiting for this...and I aim to please.
Thx again, for all of your support...cheers!  june

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I haven't written or been a part of blogging in two whole months.  I came by just now and saw that I lost another follower.  That makes me sad.
I haven't brought any new art for you, although I have been slowly working on some new pieces..finally getting further with Michael Jackson.

I have been attempting to put a picture on this post, however, I have not been able to find the photo I wish to share, and that's a real shame as I truly wanted you to see it.  When I find it among the things I still can not locate in my new home, I will post it.
It's of my friend Pat, it's the best photo I have of him.

If you have followed me, than you know from the many posts over the past two years of my best friends Nancy and Pat.  They fill these pages and are a part of my "family of the heart" And have been for just over five years now.

I'm sad to say that my dear sweet beautiful friend Pat passed away on August 10th.  He wasn't sick for a long time or ever had a concern.  So when he had the flu and wasn't feeling good for a couple of weeks, and then his wife got the flu, no one thought anything.  However, she got better, but he didn't.  He was not feeling good and had a few tests and he basically walked into the hospital with stage four cancer and died a week and a half later.  It has been shocking and tragic.  

We saw each other every single day for the 2 years we lived on our mountain top together.  Their house was across on the other side of the property. We could see each others back porch lights.  
Pat and Nancy and I would hang out, almost nightly, and play guitar and sing and Pat would cook for us.  We would whine, "Cookies Pat, cookies"  and he would get up and make the most amazing sweets on the planet.  He always made me feel so special and pretty, and more importantly loved.  

Nancy has had an extremely hard time of things.  She stayed here with Ray and I for a week and hopped around for a month until she was finally ready to go back home.  Which is why I haven't been in touch with anyone.  I had to go help her settle back in.  I painted and redecorated the entire place for her.  She got a roommate and is just now getting settled back into her new life...alone, without the man of her dreams.
No two people could have ever been more suited to each other than these two.
They were together in high school and lived together for a few years until youth, and the seventies got in the they went out on their own into new lives with other people.  But things were never right for thirty years later, they found each other again and have been together ever since.  They had nine great, perfect, loving years before Pat left at the young age of 57.

We celebrated his birthday in June, which is when he started to feel bad, but of course no one even considered it was anything but the flu. Although we come to find that he had some indication from the doc that he had a mass on his colon and several in his liver.  So we suppose he was attempting to protect Nancy from the inevitable. 

Pat always made a special birthday cake for me every year.  When I walked into his party there was MY cake sitting on the table and I got upset.  I said, "Pat, what are you doing, that's My birthday cake?"  And he said, "Yeah I know, I made it for you."  I said, "What do you mean you made it for me, it's your birthday?"  And he answered, "I made it for you cause I wanted you to feel special."
I believe somewhere inside of himself, Pat knew he wouldn't be around to make my cake for my birthday this year.  I honestly believe does Nancy.

Well, here are two photos of me and my dear dear friend that I miss so very much.  I still can't believe he is gone.  It's still hard to wrap my brain around it.
The one thing I have taken away from all of this is to let the people you love know you love may be the last thing they take with them...and the last thing you have of them.    June
This was us at his last bd party in June, geez,
it's really hard to even look at these now

And this was us three years ago, but it's one of my very favorites.

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's