Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm not quite sure how to catch up with you's been way too long!   This move in has taken ALL my time AND energy, but it is finally seeing some light.
So to re-cap my adventures for you in a few brief pics and words....

This is one lovely break day at Glass Beach

We ran off to see Willie camera was low on batteries, so all I got was this two second video...what an icon...he was great!  just press the arrow, I believe you will see it...

Then we went to the HOT ROD Show down by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Ray's best friend Mark...super hot day...loads of people on the beach and the boardwalk and all the rides and attractions were full to capacity....but again, tons of fun!

And in the middle of all of this I am redoing a clients very tiny will have to wait for the results...just like they are....soon

I found this old Harley Sportster buried away on the property, here at Casa de Schneider/Pace...and am very very happy since I've wanted one of these for as long as I can remember...I am going to refurbish and rebuild the whole thing by myself...of course my dad and a friend of Ray's dad, Julius, who is a Harley mechanic will be on the sidelines...wish me luck.

These are the new walls in our master bath...the brown on the casings will be  morphed into antique gold by the time I'm looks like mossy suede up close, I just realized you really can't see the detail in this photo of all the dark inclusions and such, but I'll get that handled soon...can't wait to show you all the befores and afters of the whole house....if I ever finish!!

Oh, then Julius decided to take a face splat on the pavement one turns out that his medication was incorrect and  he passed  out and landed square on his face...ambulance took him and  we spent eight hours in emergency...Julius is 91 and as alert as anyone I no worries, he is back to tip top shape and working in the garage right now attempting to figure out an electrical problem we have...he's the best!

And this is a chandelier I saw one day that I really like...

So as I said...loads of work and fun being had by art work happening right now, although all the special paint effects I am working on for both myself and my client do constitute art in my books....hope to update you all in the very near future on all the work in the house....holidays are coming and I can't wait to share the tree and decorations with you all...thx for you patience with me about my lack of keeping everything up to,  juner

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's