Monday, January 18, 2010


So here is a photo of the antique French coral chair I promised to's close to 100 years old and came straight from an estate sale in France...I simply LOVE the color and style of this chair...although, I will admit, not so comfortable without an's a little short I am building my own ottoman out of some amazing antique wood carvings from Java...and some antique legs I found at a local keep your eyes pealed, I'll be showing soon.
AND...I've decided to add a followers widget...Thx to Lisa (oceandreamer), I am really enjoying searching out the rest of you fellow artist, and artist minded this way, as you leave your name and photo, which also links with your site...I'll be able to explore in a grander way...Please, no matter what, leave your follower tag so I can check out your site as well...have a happy, happy rain day...I am off to visit with my best  friends, Pat and  Nancy...she is an amazing  artist and he is a landscape designer...AND the most brilliant cook and it is clams, muscles and linguini, and something with the huge score of Chantrelle's that I picked, which is up on the property they live on, that was part of the same place I lived for ten yrs., up in the mountains of Santa Cruz.... I haven't shared where the bounty is hidden...ha ha...yummy for  me....

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The Brazilian art and culture shown on the blog of the artist NEWTON AVELINO

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's