Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well I sure have learned a lot about the problems with blogger in the past couple of days.
I won't even go into what it has taken to get my site back to ALMOST normal.  I did retrieve my background by changing my template...however, I can't make any other changes now!  I don't want all that dark black background, I want to give it more grey...and there shouldn't be anything under the whole piece so that you can see the background through all the empty spaces.

I couldn't be more frustrated with this whole mess!  NONE of it makes any sense and people are complaining about the changes made to the dashboard and everything else.  So whatever you do...don't mess about with the background stuff too much...the one thing I learned is since they changed things up, many people are having serious issues working with this particular, right now this is where it's at...I can't possibly work one more minute on this.  I've already put many many hours into it and this is what I ended up with.
Maybe some day soon I'll get the nerve up to attempt the changes I desire, but until then...I got paintings to do and a book to adios to blogger template....for now.

Remember, you've been warned!

Good luck...keep happy...stay off of blogger template, and have a great day! oxxo juner

ps.  to all my broadcast followers, NONE of this means anything to you...but you are on my regular emails so you're stuck with my every thought, be it personal or technical...I'll post something fun in a couple of days to make it up to you!  love you all...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm so upset...I was messing around with my blog and poof!!  I lost my amazing beautiful perfect blog background....I've done everything to get it back and I'm bare with me...I'm going to figure this out yet!!   UUGGHH!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I went into the coop a week ago and there it was...our first egg!!   This one came from Spot.  We could tell because of the dark gold color.  Our remaining two chickies lay aqua, green, blue cool is that by the way!  So the simple equation left us to know for certain that Spot is starting the process rather early. And there has been an egg every day for five days in a row, then she skipped a day and here we were again this six all together!

We have put them into their new home down by the garden.  We're not quite finished with the fencing and such but here's a quick peek at what we're doing.  

It's so much better to have them all down here, closer to the house and garden.  Now I let them roam around inside the garden pecking at all the bugs.  Although they thoroughly enjoyed digging up the new planted peppers and chili I have, so I had to install a wire barrier around all the planter boxes.  

Unfortunately for me, I was up in the main box the other day and completely forgot about the near invisible wire running ten inches above where the box used to end...and KABOOM!  I went flying!  
I laid on the ground, mere inches from knocking the daylights out of me on the edge of the planter box...thank god I twisted at the right moment...however, that left the full weight of my fall to land on my palm and knee, twisting to my hip.  I seriously didn't move for a whole minute, then without warning, the tears just streamed down my face as I laid in the wood chips and dirt sobbing....geez!

So ripped pants and raw skinned knees and an upper arm I can't even use, and it's been two days now...but the good news is I missed bashing my head in on that four by four there you have it!

Dolce and Vida are happy as can be sharing their new quarters with the Ester, Lester, and Spot.  They swim and splash around in the little baby pool like...well, like two ducks in water.  The bushes add a nice piece of shade, and the other day I came out and they were all just hunkered down in the dry leaves under the salvia was the most serene and happy I've seen then yet.
Hope that makes for good tasting eggs!

It's hard to see, but these are dark gold in color...
it's awesome!

Dolce and Vida, out strolling the property

Dolce staring at me through the little fence off 
our our master suite

Looking out the French door of our room as they 
scurryup the's the cutest thing ever!

 I'll post some pic of the new home as soon as we're's a peek at the happy couple 

So enjoy your day and remember, if I can grow up to own chickens and ducks...anything is possible!!
much love, xox juner

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's