Monday, October 14, 2013


So I'm finally getting around to sharing the last weekend of our honeymoon month...ha ha.  Unfortunately, on our way home from Monterey we got a call that my cat, Frankie was sick....long story short, he almost died that night and had a two day hospital stay...he's still with us and being the cool cat that he is...however, had another emergency visit a couple days ago as he's still bleeding a bit and stressed, so here he is with me today, on some serious kitty meds that I had to sign for since they are narcotics!  So hopefully he'll make a full recovery soon...since we're leaving this weekend for a couple quick days in LA to take care of some business and visit our daughter, he better perk up before then or I'll be stressing the entire time...I'm traditionally NOT a cat person...but this guy is something else...I really love him.

So here goes, the Hotel stay from Heaven, and by that I mean the Barmapers...what an amazing place to stay.  Right on the beach, your own little suite with a fireplace and big screen for Sunday football, we were lovin it!
They give you a golf cart to keep things quiet for the that wasn't fun or anything..I did all the driving..ha ha...then wouldn't you know it, but the whales were migrating that we stood for a while and watched as blow hole spray went up everywhere...

view from our deck


that black spot in the middle is a whale breaching,
 it was so cool to see his head popping out of the water

and the sunsets weren't bad either...

Next day we went off and explored Monterey and had fun bar hopping and Ray tested different beers and that evening we went out to the bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made s' first ever by the know I never liked chocolate, so I had mine without...a little side gift from our hosts...

not a bad place to hang out for Monday nite football!
We stopped and brought in some food and lounged on the sofa.

 So after a nice visit sitting on the cliff overlooking the ocean the next morning, we headed on out to Carmel for lunch. And if you've never been, it's like being at's all gingerbread houses and quaint little shoppes with perfectly planted flowers on the sides of brick lined's like visiting another world...and we found the perfect place to hang for lunch and say our good byes...

 So thx to our dear old friends, Linda, Alan and Britan for giving us such a lovely gift, and a great way to end our month long honeymoon round one...ha to LA like I said, but this really isn't a visit visit, it's more about work..however, we'll soak a little honeymoon vibe out of's just another excuse to celebrate!

The happy couple...Mr. and Mrs. Schneider....I like the sound of that....enjoy!! mucho love to all!!  xoxox juner

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's