Monday, July 29, 2013



Three day blast hosted by Girls Heart Books and our terrific's the link...join in and let's spread the word about Benjamin McTish...thx for the support, june!   (hit the link above)

Friday, July 26, 2013


So I'm on wedding overload and have let things slide here...and when I'm not doing something wedding, it's been there you have it!

Here are the photos and stories I wanted to share this past two months...ha!

We went into the city to have lunch with our son and his girlfriend...we walked through Golden Gate Park and it was spectacular!  We ate at our favorite little organic cafe, they have two locations,'s not Chinese food as the name would's too good to describe!  Everything is organic, loads of vegi stuff, but great meat items as well, so I'm told...the best spinach/sliced beet thingy that I simply love...The best dessert being a rich deep ginger cake with pumpkin ice cream and fresh made caramel sauce...yea, that's what I said!

cut out of the rock...super cool in person!

Our trip to Berkley in search of a few treasures...wish we could have bought this one..but WAY out of our budget...Omega scrap/antiques...great place to scour

 The Garden is in full bloom...although this was a month should see it now!!

this one is as big as a dinner plate!!

Tomato, tomatillo,peppers, cukes, zukes and nasturtium...

all herb garden...with my dad's garden,
one ear bunny for blessing!

Kangaroo paw..super fun, fuzzy
and orange orange orange!

shrimp plant..they actually look like shrimp
with the black veins going down the back...
can't really tell in this photo

I grew broccoli for the first time...can't figure out what happened to my photo of the artichoke I grew as well..but hello, broccoli for god's sake!

my peaches!! first yummy, 
the two we actually got to eat...
the yellow jackets ate them in droves!!

 And my baby girls are growing like mad!!

This poor little one almost didn't survive the other night...unfortunately, the big gal below, got a hold of her...she is on the mend...I'll keep you updated...her name is Winnie...Wynifred and the culprit below who did all the pecking and attack is Spot...she's a rough one... I'm still not being very nice to her, she made me so mad...poor feathers left on her back right now...but will hopefully make a full recovery!

 And my Hydrangeas are magnificent!!!   every color can't really see how deep the tone is..but they are teal..seriously teal...with green/purple...and the other side is with a touch of mauve...spectacular!

these are a perfect teal..seriously, blue/green like you've never simply will not photograph correctly!
Blast it!

Awesome succulent!

So that's it for now...there's more, but I'm running out of steam a ton of wedding to catch up the meantime, hope all is well in your part of the world...mucho love and joy to all my homies...kisses abound, xox juner

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Just a quick update...the book, the first in the series of Benjamin McTish is finally available on Amazon!!  I'll get the Kindle out in the next two weeks...until then please enjoy!  YaY!!  oxxo juner

update...they are still in process of linking both my old first print of the book and this new one which is the one you cannot get the old one, so don't sorry, however, the "look inside" feature still shows the old book, which has errors, which is why it's the old book that has been control number/isbn/missing sentences...and you can only get to the page through this link right now...if you just use the name you'll get directed to the old page and someone selling the old book for $57!  So no worries, everything will be up and running perfect in the next week!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's