Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Here is the finished piece of Bob Marley...and a new one I did this week of the beautifully aged David Bowie...enjoy!
Rock On!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xmas, Family, Blue Eggs, Birthday & Engagement Announcement

So there's just way too much going on around here to catch up in just one little post, but I'll give you the quick low down.  

It's been a super busy holiday season around the old Pace/Schneider household.

It began with a small cozy Xmas Eve and Xmas day with just Ray, me, dad, Case and Kenzie...Cal was in Georgia with his girlfriend's family....sad for us, but happy for them.  Movies, cookies...perfect.


Then Xmas dinner with the addition of our best friend Mark...
and my beautiful birthday cake, made by my sweetie...I have 
real thing for snowmen, and he made this all by himself.
The second one looks like it's outside or something with the candles..I love this.  Dad enjoyed his new Oakland A's jacket.

someone got artistic with the camera...

The painting I did for Mark of Bob Marley

EDITED JAN 2  somehow my photos and a whole portion of my post was wiped out...I had a lot of trouble with this yesterday, had to redo a lot of this...missed the important announcement...geez!

So Ray proposed to me on my birthday and I of course said yes!
He gave me a 7 ct. cushion cut Brazilian Blue Topaz, that we are going to set ourselves.  I LOVE this stone.  I know it's not super expensive or diamonds...but it's what I wanted.  The photos don't show the depth of the blue, theres some indigo, it's super deep and beautiful...but you get the picture.

Then we had one day of rest before Ray's entire family descended upon us for three days.  Twenty five adults and four kids.  I cooked for three days straight and we had a ball!!  We ended up putting another large dinning table in the dinning room next to our big one and filling the room with every one.  From chicken soup one night to the big party with chili and cornbread on Saturday night.  Uncle Lee had to be picked up by paramedics and rushed to the hospital from his terrible fall.  He sat back and watched the fun from his convalescence, and mugged for the camera. 

Food, wine, beer...tons of treats.  Every time I brought out another snack, like fudge or cupcakes, peppermint bark, etc..they would all moan...not more food!!  We played the Schneider family card game that is nothing short of hysterical laughing tons of fun, until little by little everyone crawled off to their corner of the house to sleep.

Then one morning a couple of the little ones came out to collect eggs with me. We now have blue, brown/gold and a deep taupe, it's so freaking cool!   The kids were mesmerized walking among the critters.  Later they helped peel hardboiled eggs for the devil/caviar apps...they couldn't get over that they were the same eggs.  This is a bit of the unfinished duck pond I'm building...will get back to that soon.   

Then some random photos of the decorations...the new jewel tone, 2 shades of pink, orange, some red a little purple and mossy green tree with the amber lights in the den...still got to collect a ton of ornaments to fill this up, but will continue to collect year to year. 

It's new years day and we're down to one kid left until tomorrow, then it's back to our daily routine.  But all in all it has been the most perfect of holiday seasons here at the home of Pace and Schneider...soon to be simply called "Home"...hope your holidays have been half the magic that ours have...much love and a Gracefilled new year to you all...xoxo juner

ps. I can't believe I forgot to mention the Friday night before Xmas in San Francisco in Union Square where we met up with my oldest bestie Jamie in from NYC and her boyfriend John...we got there at one in the afternoon and left at eleven thirty...a really really really fun time!

PPS.  THE WEDDING IS SET FOR AUGUST 31...I'm sure there will be many updates and posts dedicated to the process of planning a wedding...hope you enjoy!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's