Saturday, March 21, 2015


So I  just posted this to Facebook as well…I just came across an old painting buried in my stuff…it's at least 14-15 years old….it was my first painting in this style…it's not my best work, I've gotten MUCH better in technique, and it's not even finished, but it's still kind a cool.
So if you know anyone who is interested in owning let me know…at this point I'd be willing to probably just give it to someone who truly wanted it.  Like I said, it's old and scuffed up a bit, and it's medium/large..30x40.  A great "man cave" kind of piece for the right man.  Just thought I'd put it out there…I'm tired of it being stacked up in a closet…thx!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I just realized that I did not post about the passing of my father in law, Julius, this past two weeks.  I know I made my post on Facebook almost that same day, at the request of  my husband, to let the outer peripheral of friends and acquaintances know…but just now realized I didn't share mistake.  

We are all saddened at this tremendous loss in our lives…in particular, my husband and I, who shared our home and daily care around the clock for him for the past few months of his life,  find ourselves in a separate kind of mourning.  The silence is deafening around here now….it's taken a week to realize, "what do we do with our time now?".   And now we've moved into the "how quickly is this time moving on?" phase…it's been two weeks exactly today and yet if feels like yesterday and a year ago all at once.  Sometimes I find myself jumping up to make sure he's okay and realize…oh wait, he's not here. 

We still need to move forward and clear out the rest of his room…unfortunately his stinker of a  cat remains, but the candle is lit every night for him still….I'm utterly and completely lost without his presence in my life…he was a tremendous part of our lives and he will be forever missed.  He was my father in law, but treated me like his own daughter and loved me just as well.

My first visit to his home

Our Favorite pastime!

His last birthday here this past July…95!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's