Friday, January 14, 2011


Since I can't seem to sit down for a moment these days and fill you in on everything I'm now going to have to catch up all in one post.  So here goes....
The kids are ready Xmas morning!

Lisa giving a toast at dinner

Celebrating my big 55! (I know, hard to believe, (that's a last minute addition of a musical candle!)

Lisa made us all wear party hats and I had a PILE of necklaces on and it was great!!

Dad recovered from accident and looking cute in a party hat

This was a week later the last night with the kids before they went home...this was before Sushi

This was after Sushi and Sake!

This is the top of a building in San Francisco which is were we spent the afternoon on the 30th. The city was bustling and SUPER Xmas and tons of fun!!  We plan to make this a tradition...going to the wharf for chowder, what a great way to end the year! 

Hope you can see this, it's a Xmas tree the size of all three floors at the Neiman Marcus in Union Square

The Macy's is cool...they have a wreath in every single window for  ? (lot's)  floors!

Case and his cousin Julius and myself...Alcatraz in the it was FREEZING that day!


Looking out our window at the restaurant down into the harbor...very Xmasy indeed!

I wish you could see how spectacular this looked in person...simply breath taking and exciting...the Golden Gate, lights everywhere, from the buildings to the boats and the bridge, people everywhere, music and family...what a great day!!
And since I still have New Year's Eve to share, which was tons of fun! I will wait until tomorrow to post so you don't get exhausted reading all of this...ha ha....till then, luv, june

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's