Sunday, January 16, 2011


So here are the promised photos from our First New Years Eve together....We got all dressed up and went to the Shadowbrook, a beautiful restaurant built on the side of a hill overlooking the little beach town of Capitola.  You take a tram down the side of the hill to the wood cabin like entry into the bar.  A fireplace lit, quiet live music and packed.  We sat at the bar with a couple friends we happen to run into and had a short visit and an amazing appetizer.  We then drove over to Michael's on Main, one of my favorite restaurants/bars that sits on the Soquel Creek.   My best friend Nancy, her husband Pat and his band The Road Hogs featuring Cindy Edwards, (grammy nominee and rockin major singer) were playing that night.  We walked in to saved seats right on the small dance floor and partied until the lights came up at the end of the evening.  We ventured back to our home and continued to enjoy our night until the wee hours....what a great way to bring in the new year!!   Hope everyone has a grand and grace filled 2011....success, abundance, music, beauty, health, and love....juner

June and Nancy, (in her new cheetah coat that I gave to her for Xmas)

Nancy has a comfortable seat on Ray's lap

Cindy Edwards and The Road Hogs...Pat on the lead guitar in the back right side

Ray and June "Blue Steel" pose

The girls posing for the camera on the dance floor...we danced all night

One last mug for the camera, pursed lips and all

The first of many New Years Kisses

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Deedra said...

This is lovely, June. YOu're a beautiful couple!!!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's