Sunday, February 26, 2017

JULIUS father in law...

Today is the two year anniversary of my father in laws passing...Julius Schneider...which is hard to grasp, time really moves fast.  He treated me like a real daughter..he told me I was no longer a Pace, I was a Schneider now..and I loved him with all my heart.  He was 95, almost 96, and he was living with us the last few months of his was an honor to take care of him.  The day he left I was sitting next to him waiting for the coroner to arrive and I thought, Oh my, I should take his hearing aids out and realized he still had his watch on...he NEVER took his watch off, even to I quickly unlatched it and put it on my wrist so I wouldn't misplace's still on my wrist today.  He bought season tickets to the Oakland A's so we could go together and it became "our time" for three years...He spent holidays with us and whenever I would call and say, Dad plan to come stay for a few days, he would simply say, "Okay, see you in a bit" and that was that...until he moved to the retirement village, then he would say, "Can't do it this week, got a HoDown to go to!"..he was happy in the end.  My husband lost his best and closest friend that day.  Ray took amazing care of his father in the last few months.  He bathed him and dressed him every was precious to witness the love between them...I will forever miss him with all my Julius!

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Gabriela said...

Hi June! It's been a long time! Lovely post with so much love! My thoughts are with all of you !

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's