Thursday, August 3, 2017


So, this is a first for me...months since my last post.  So very sorry about that, it's been mighty hectic around here this past year...well, actually...wait, is it two years now? (seriously? two years already? I thought maybe a year and a half..but no, it began in that July/Aug, two years ago!  Geez!)  since my husband began with his heart issues.  Takes a lot out of you...stress, etc.  In the meantime, we are happy to say he just received his clean bill of health this past June!!  So big relief there!  But the damage was done on my nerves...attempting to get back on track with my own health/body and have a little June time. 

In the meantime, 

Here are a few things to share:

Two new girls to add to the only two
old gals who survived the attack last year...
a couple weeks old here.
The Blue Laced Red Wyndotte on the left,
now four and a half months, Hermione
(yes, Potter head)and to her right, the ever special
Lite Brahma, Chickie Gaga!

Miss Chickie Gaga has some serious attitude..
and when she stands upright will blow you away
with her magnificent size!  Fits her image!
Three new babies arrived five weeks later

How amazing are her eyes!
This is three day old Princess Buttercup,
a Gold Laced Cochin

And this is the Princess at three months old!
She'll have big bloomers!
The Big gal in the middle is Millicent,
(or Millie for short) a Doubled Lace
Barnevelder (her orange lacing
isn't showing up strong yet, but in person is
looking glorious)..she is 13 weeks old,
she will produce super dark chocolate
brown eggs...yay! And the only one without
feathers on her feet or thighs.

And this beauty is a Dark Brahma, also 13 wks,
her name is Gilda (yes, Radner head!)

The Girls!

Will have to keep you in the loop as they get older and more pronounced on their markings...these are all known for their coloring and size...all big fluffy gals, with exception to Hermione.

So, next to chickens, my latest obsession of last year became Bearded Iris'...I bought a couple and built a long bed for them and waited...and while I waited I started looking on line to see what other colors there might be...holy crap!!  I had NO idea how insanely abundant, mulit colored, and amazing these flowers could be.  I searched for hours, building my catalog, picking colors that would go one to the other was a standing joke around here...June's Iris'...that's all I could think about.  So I bought and planted and waited...unfortunately, most of them did not open this season, but the ones that did were spectacular.  Will get better at this, I love them too much (and of course now that iris season is over I'm on to my number one obsession...Vintage Christmas's actually worse than the iris time on the internet...if that's humanly possible.  I used to wait until December, but last year I thought about it in August...and now I just look all the time..!  

These are some of my new Iris blooms from this past going to begin selling rhizomes on ebay!

Dazzling Sarah


Rio Roja

Mad World

I Feel Lucky

Ruth Porter Waring

Coffee Trader

Double Chocolate

Here Come The Night

Wine Time

Orange Slices



So, it's nice to be back...I've missed the community here...will keep in touch better, now that things appear to be stabilizing...ha ha if THAT could ever happen around here!  Either way, I'll do better.  Have some shots of the garden veggies...and piles of nice grapes coming up...jams, all that good stuff.  Thought I'd piece it out instead of hitting you with everything at once...mucho love to my Besties...hope all are having a tremendous summer thus far! Enjoy! xo juners

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's