Friday, April 12, 2013


Here we are at the opening night of the Oakland Athletic' was packed and fun!  They lost but we still had a great time...and after the opener and the next day,  they've won eight games in a they are on fire!! YaY!

The Athletics and the Raiders still share a coliseum so I couldn't resist getting a photo with my Raiders...I'm even a bigger fan of NFL, so fun for me.  And they passed out the yellow fan rally towels, it was CRAZY to look out over the sea of was GREAT FUN!

Fireworks and a big hoopla to begin the season...again, GREAT FUN!  Below is the older son, Cal, who came in from SF to enjoy the game with us, which meant we had to drive him back to the city and was a treat to be there at night, it's so beautiful, the bay.  
However, for as much fun as this night was, I was in pain for the entire event. Now comes the explanation.

I thought I was having a bladder infection and it was grim...however, two days later I ended up in the hospital, thinking I had something SEVERELY WRONG with my colon as that is where the pain was exploding on Wednesday afternoon...seriously had me on my knees and scared out of my mind.  All I could think about was, geez, what if I need surgery, this is crazy....I honestly thought my colon was in big trouble, especially since the pain came on so suddenly and I was running to the loo, (not to get too personal), but as it turned out, it was my old foe...the little demon that has not darkened my doorstep, or my kidneys as it were, in twelve years...stones!!

So that's where that's at...kidney stones, which I passed a tiny one on Saturday morning, but it's still not right, almost went back to the hospital today....we'll see what happens in a day or two, cause I'm pretty certain we got some residual gravel/sand floating around...caught a bit just a while ago and let me tell you, that sand can hurt almost as much as the stone!

So that's life around here...oh, I almost forgot to mention.  My maid of honor, Jamie, who has been working on a show in LA for the past month, and in from NYC, came up this weekend to hang and to perform some of her duties as my right hand gal...considering I was losing my mind Friday and Sat...I felt a bit up to par on Sunday/Monday, so off we went in search of the illusive wedding dress.  
What an ordeal.

Actually, it's a bit of a story, and since I'm beginning to fade I'll have to catch up on the drama another time...suffice it to say, we found the dress!  Super simple, age appropriate, and French country garden there you have I can rest for a while!

Hope all is going well in your world...mucho love to my home girls...xoxox juner
PS. so good to see your jamers..I miss you so much...tons of love coming your way...thx for all the support, and helping my find my special dress...smooch!!

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's