Friday, April 26, 2013


So I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

Believe it or not I've been sick with the stomach flu the past three days....NOT my thing.  I just don't get sick, EVER.   I literally go years and years without a sniffle....however, after the whole kidney stone thing had worn me down and some super stressful stuff going on here, the kid's were scary sick and  I guess that was all I immune was shot and boom!  Sicker than a dog for one entire twenty four hours.  And now I'm attempting to get my energy back.  

In the meantime I'm working diligently on my computer, mainly on a HUGE marketing program for my book.  So at least the down time is being used for something important, other than the first day when I couldn't do a single thing but moan...I'm getting a lot done.

And now the update.

First we finally found someone with a duck.  Yes, a new duck to partner up with Vida.  In case you forgot, Dolce, our male duck was killed by a hawk in January, (or possibly Feb, I forget by now) and our girl Vida, has been very lonely.  Wasn't sure how she would take to having a baby boy around...well she took to it....well like a duck to water!

She started preening him was the most amazing thing ever when I first introduced them, I wish I had it on film.  She was squawking when I brought him in and he stretched his neck up as far as he could to peek out of the box as if to say, "hey I recognize that voice, that's one of my own." She began pacing for me to let him out of the box, speaking the entire time.  They literally ran up to each other and had an entire conversation face to face, seriously, quacking back and forth almost bill to bill for a few minutes and that was it.  Vida protects him and won't hardly let me get near him...oh, his name is Doug by the way, and he's almost as big as she is, but he's a baby.  And she was heavily molting in these photos, so no judging!

He  seriously follows her around,'s just the cutest thing ever. I'm so glad we found him.


Then the question was brought up by Linnie..where's dad at the ball game and his Xmas jacket?  Well here he is!  Finally up and around, we made it to a game and it was a good one.  This is our ballpark seat neighbor Carmen.  And our mascot is an elephant, if you can believe it...Stompers, for god's sake!  

And last but not roses are going off!!  This is just a teeny tiny sample and not at all a perfect depiction to real face to face...but close enough.  The orange one has a deep blood orange color with bright yellow innards, and then there is a coral one in the center and a red one on right...doesn't show up well, sorry...but the lavender in the middle is amazing!

So that's it for today...too exhausted to go further, seriously, this thing really takes it out of be careful to stay clear of this bug...the headache that comes along with it is mind numbing!
Mucho love my dear sweet friends....xoxo juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's