Friday, August 31, 2012


So loads going on with the kids moving out of the cabin/apt...we have a new couple moving in this weekend..super sweet!  However, again, the work to get things cleaned up, repainted, retiled, reattached and what have you....I'm DONE!  I can't help one more person move their belongings again...(well at least for now)   The bathroom turned out spectacular!  I'll have to get some photos in later when I finish the's just the cutest darn cabin.

Then dad and I, (Julius, Ray's dad) took a break last week and went to a ball game.  Here we are wearing our Oakland A's tee's and enjoying a good game...we won of course!  So good day all around.

And one more addition that fits under my category, "The Land of Large vegies in Santa Cruz)...this is from my own garden...I guess I forgot to pick it. 

And the last bit of news is that some evil critter got into our back pen and ran off with two of my chickens....dirty bastard!!  AND of course he took my two favorites...especially Marilyn...the Blue Cochin!  I'm so super sad...I really loved her the best..she let me pet her and she was the most beautiful.  And they got Hester as well...again, dirty bastards!!  She was the biggest and the next best looking.  Oh, they couldn't grab the sketchy one..Lester, who runs around like...well, like a chicken with her head cut off...she SUPER wacky!  NO, that one they leave, and grab my best...well, here's a little reminder of my beauty.   I checked into it, and it looks like I"ll have to wait until next spring to find her replacements...I think I'll get two Blue Cochins and name them Marilyn 1 and Marilyn's that you dirty bastards!!

Go Oakland!!  

We have great seats...Dad is a season ticket holder,
 and I'm his best buddy...yay for me.  We have one more game and I can't wait...Texas!

Need I say more?

I didn't see this one...I don't know how I missed it..
but it made a great bread.

This is Marilyn when she was still younger...she's so cute and she's a pile of feathers on side of the mountain...D.B.!

And this is Hester when she was younger...with the wacky Lester behind her...maybe Lester is wacky because she has a boy name...however, I had Hester, Ester, and Lester was just the last name besides Chester that rhymed...
such is life!
Enjoy, and have a smile with your sweetie today...Autumn is just around the corner, then next week it will be Xmas...OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!   Time is too stay present and soak all the joy out of the moment that is right in front of you...xoxo juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's