Friday, March 16, 2012


So things are not going as planned for my father.
He can't seem to get out of the hospital and onto rehabilitation.  He ended up staying another night in ICU, then they finally moved him the next day...however, he can't seem to stop vomiting and he's hit that really nasty depression.  
He is weak, they needed to give him a transfusion to help boost his blood.  He still can't stop with the hic- ups and now he is  having troubles with the bowel.  Maybe the fact that the first solid food they fed to him was a freaking STEAK! might have something to do with it.  You can't give someone who basically has fasted for two solid weeks a steak...and you certainly can't give a man who just had bypass surgery steak and shrimp for dinner...I'm sure he is having trouble with his bowels!!  But don't get me started on the food in the's insane.

He keeps counting the clock and waiting for the next level of his stay, and when it doesn't come, it just sends him deeper into his longing to leave and be well, and he gets really sad.

I need you to send that extra prayer today....I gave my mother a pep talk yesterday to deliver to my dad...and she said he looked her square in the eyes when she spoke to him, (I explained that I did just that when he first came out of surgery.  He was anxious about the tube taped down his throat and in pain, and I just kept stroking his brow and held my face really close to him and kept saying, "just keep looking in my eyes daddy, don't think of anything else. Just take a deep breath and look into my eyes."  and this helped calm him.)  So she did the same and she said he got it, he heard her.

I haven't even spoken to her today yet to find out what happened, but I got a text from her saying he can't stop prayers everyone, prayers.

Thx for all of your support...xox juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's