Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our second Xmas together
I just added this in because
I realized that my father is with my cousin
and I'm with her father...
so I'm the curly head on the left....
when I return home I'l find the one of my father and myself
edited 3/19
Our last Xmas together
My father Gene passed away last night.  And I can not be any sadder than I am at this moment.  It's simply unbearable.  It's mind numbing.  I feel like I'm in a bad dream.  

I'm here, in Vegas, with my mother and Ray and I just felt the need to share this right now.  These are two photos that I happen to have available to me on my computer so this is what you're getting  tonight.  
I was born on Xmas day, and I wish I had the first photo, but this is close enough.  So this is actually my first birthday.  We had a habit of taking a photo together every single year on my birthday.  I'm his first born and it's an incredible honor and something that gives me great personal comfort at this time.

I will miss you daddy, so very much...your number, one xoxo juner


Gabriela said...

Dear June......I can't even imagine to feel your pain...I hope in time it will be the good memories, and the things you have from him that will keep him in you alive and well...and thankful for having been able to share all these years with him...
Wishing that in our sharing, your hurt will be somehow lessened...
Much love to you!

rusted wings said...

so sorry to hear of your father's passing june!!! i know , my father passed away before i had any of my girls...and i've missed him so. but i'm thankful to know that in God's all wise plan, there is a time and season to everything under heaven. may His peace be with you dear.
warm hugs & prayers,

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's