Thursday, December 18, 2014


So Saturday was our little Xmas Soiree.  We had last minute cancellations and loads of people could not attend, however, the few that did are the ones that counted and made it a big huge blast of fun!  We ate and sang and had carolers…plus celebrated our good friend Byron's 60th birthday…so of course that meant a flurry of dancing on chairs to the Beatles, Birthday Song…our family tradition.  After that we danced to our favorite party songs…starting with Tom Jones, "It's Not Unusual"…BEST way to start a party in my book!
The house looks festive and smelled like everything Xmas, from trees to food and treats.  The table was set with risers covered in white, with pale blue and green tulle and little white lights that gave a super winter wonderland effect…with tiny snowmen and candles, white roses…it was really pretty.   

So here are a few shots of our big fun…hopefully the little video of the Soquel High Xmas Choir works…it would be a pity not to add this bit of Holiday Magic to your day…Best to all..Mucho Xmas Kisses!!  xox juner

I hung spiral shiny ribbons of stars in aqua, green and blue in among the mirror garland.   And of course our strands of party lights hung over a year ago for Taylor's birthday that are still hanging, bounced color off of everything.

Everyone preparing for "They Say it's Your Birthday" to blast…Ray's in the cupboard ready to pump up the volume!

Sorry, the video won't upload…damn!!

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's