Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ho Downs, A Birthday, The Beach and Sauerkraut

Oh man, I  always have such good intentions. I take pictures at all kinds of events around here.  New chickens, new planter box in the garden.  A new preserving class, a Ho Down….and then life just keeps going and more exciting things keep happening and then it's a month or two later and I'm playing catch up with you all.

So here we go.

A couple quick picks of the new baby girls…who are a month and  a half older than these photos should see them now, so utterly colorful and feathery…I'll get you caught up with them next week and introduce each beauty…oh and there's a new black duck..Ruby.

Then we move on the the Ho Down.
Dad's home shared a BBQ and some wholesome family music with the family from Las Vegas who tours, Mama's Wranglers and clogging..yes, clogging.  In the meantime here they are.

Then we are sharing some quick photos from our oldest sons little birthday celebration, and yes, we are standing on the chairs yet again!

Now onto a lovely walk with the dogs on the beach last week…need I say more.

This is the wall of memories at the end of the trail…
I always hi-five before turning around

Yes, I DID wear this hat to the Ho Down!

And last but not least, the sauerkraut that I learned to make myself at the last preserve class…and some home grown chicken and duck eggs….loving this country living!!

Hope life is treating you kindly….and to all my besties..mucho hugs and love!!  Enjoy! xoxjuner


Abi said...

I have the same problem with photos/stories and blogging! :)

The babies are totally adorable. I can't wait to get our chicken coop up and running and Coyote proof in particular, so we can introduce some chickens to our land...

The beach looks wonderful.

June M. Pace said...

Yay! another chicken lover! Good luck! thx for leaving a comment…

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's