Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So I'm catching up here.

Ray and I celebrated our three year anniversary two weeks ago.  Cal and his girlfriend Caroline were here for the weekend to celebrate Case's 20th...geez I can't believe I have a twenty year old kid...where did the time go! ha ha...(soon to be step son for reals..yay!), anyway, we decided to drive them back up to the city so we could spend the day and tool around and have lunch on the Haight..which was super lovely!

We ate in this super groovy grill/brewery...
they had organic food and great beer,
as you could imagine.
It felt like a New York eatery...
it was packed and perfect!

Looking out our window onto the color of the Height.


you gotta look up close at this one
with the 67 mural painted across the top

They plant herbs around the street trees and
pay homage to the lost rock gods with photos collages...
can't see this one, sorry

Street art on a wall...it was tremendous in person

Spare me would ya!  How spectacular is this?
Now that's leaving your heart in San Francisco!

So now we're up to the simple pleasures.

Like looking out our kitchen window and seeing Bodhi and Louie just watching the yard...how freaking cute is this!  They literally sat there for quite some time, never blinked!

Or Frankie deciding to take a cat nap on my desk chair,
just plopped himself onto the top of the pillow and let loose his little kitty legs to dangle...he was snoring...it's the simple things like this that make my heart giggle...

And now we're up to wedding.

Here is just a sample shot of the colors I'm working with...at least some of them.  The one thing missing is some real pink.  The vases will all be flat blue and the flowers will be coral, pink and orange....with some green/blue antique hydrangeas for effects in urns and such.  
These are just some stand in silk flowers I had at the house.  Still gives you the idea of the vintage/chic with the bright gold filigree and candelabras.  I'm going to have little surprise touches of vintage green glass and pink salt and pepper shakers, and candy dishes, etc...to add to the color.  

All this will be laid upon a deep beige drape covered with an ivory sequined organza table cloth...and some kind of runner yet to be determined.  Should it be green to ground all the rest or blue, or simply remain ivory?  I really want the flowers to stand out, so no pink or orange..and probably not the blue so the pots really make a statement with the coral flowers...we'll see...All this to be decided as things progress...when I see it, I know it!

Some very cool old vases I found...
actually the cherub is new,
the doggie is old, very..
but I painted them anyway.
I know, I know...
but it really will be perfect when I'm finished,
 I promise...I have a vision...just hang on.

So I found a set of old tarnished brass candelabras
and I'm giving them a face lift with the bright gold
to really stand out among the blue pots and coral/pink flowers...it's really pretty in person.  I'm super excited!

Well, I believe that's enough for today...stay tuned...I'm getting back to some "real" work here this next week...Stevie Nicks on board...and thx to all my friends who are supporting my work...loads of feedback from the face book nation...first time I'm using fb this way and it's really causing quite the uproar...had no idea that's where everyone was!
Mucho love to my besties...have a glorious day! xox juners

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's