Friday, February 17, 2012


So this is just a quick one today...I went down town to pick up some art paper and on the street there was a new meter...I wonder how many cities have something like this?

All the money goes towards helping the transient people
who need help getting somewhere.

Then the window of my favorite shoe store looked like a pink fairy princess and I love it.
Then we had two people, one with a cello and one a guitar singing a modern kind of raspy song, and a few steps away was a lone old hippie singing Bob Dylan, quite well I might add, and then on the corner was a jazz combo, drums and all, and they were great!  It's just the cutest little city on the face of the earth, is all I'm sayin!

Then the house projects.  Almost done with the new stair rail and to finish the aging on the gold trim and fine tune the color work, but the idea is almost there.  I need to paint the wood rails, top and bottom to match yet...can't wait to have this project finished already.

Then here is a quick sneak peek at the "new and improved" Benjamin McTish.  I realized that when I first painted him, it was just a random illustration that had no meaning other than fun, and I gave him a name.  The next thing you know I have several illustrations and they all have names and a story begins to fast forward to today.  
I have a completed manuscript, the first book in the series I'm writing about Benjamin and his friends.  I'm in the process of putting an ebook together and need a cover and I realize that the original is simply not going to work.  He looks like he's from the fifties and he has Harry Potter glass's on...that just won't do.  So I've updated him and will be pulling a new illustration of him that relates to the book.  Almost done with that, but couldn't wait to get a glimpse of him out there. 

The new improved Grandfather Tree..
this one actually has the door.

Benjamin is wearing aviator googles in this one...
it's all in the book if you're interested!!
 And the last is a painting I'm working on that has texture and layers and all kinds of things going be continued....
Way more layering going on with this,
but love the colors so far...

I almost forgot the perfect dark bronze/brown orchids that are finally blooming...yay!

enjoy! xox juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's