Saturday, October 1, 2011


I haven't written or been a part of blogging in two whole months.  I came by just now and saw that I lost another follower.  That makes me sad.
I haven't brought any new art for you, although I have been slowly working on some new pieces..finally getting further with Michael Jackson.

I have been attempting to put a picture on this post, however, I have not been able to find the photo I wish to share, and that's a real shame as I truly wanted you to see it.  When I find it among the things I still can not locate in my new home, I will post it.
It's of my friend Pat, it's the best photo I have of him.

If you have followed me, than you know from the many posts over the past two years of my best friends Nancy and Pat.  They fill these pages and are a part of my "family of the heart" And have been for just over five years now.

I'm sad to say that my dear sweet beautiful friend Pat passed away on August 10th.  He wasn't sick for a long time or ever had a concern.  So when he had the flu and wasn't feeling good for a couple of weeks, and then his wife got the flu, no one thought anything.  However, she got better, but he didn't.  He was not feeling good and had a few tests and he basically walked into the hospital with stage four cancer and died a week and a half later.  It has been shocking and tragic.  

We saw each other every single day for the 2 years we lived on our mountain top together.  Their house was across on the other side of the property. We could see each others back porch lights.  
Pat and Nancy and I would hang out, almost nightly, and play guitar and sing and Pat would cook for us.  We would whine, "Cookies Pat, cookies"  and he would get up and make the most amazing sweets on the planet.  He always made me feel so special and pretty, and more importantly loved.  

Nancy has had an extremely hard time of things.  She stayed here with Ray and I for a week and hopped around for a month until she was finally ready to go back home.  Which is why I haven't been in touch with anyone.  I had to go help her settle back in.  I painted and redecorated the entire place for her.  She got a roommate and is just now getting settled back into her new life...alone, without the man of her dreams.
No two people could have ever been more suited to each other than these two.
They were together in high school and lived together for a few years until youth, and the seventies got in the they went out on their own into new lives with other people.  But things were never right for thirty years later, they found each other again and have been together ever since.  They had nine great, perfect, loving years before Pat left at the young age of 57.

We celebrated his birthday in June, which is when he started to feel bad, but of course no one even considered it was anything but the flu. Although we come to find that he had some indication from the doc that he had a mass on his colon and several in his liver.  So we suppose he was attempting to protect Nancy from the inevitable. 

Pat always made a special birthday cake for me every year.  When I walked into his party there was MY cake sitting on the table and I got upset.  I said, "Pat, what are you doing, that's My birthday cake?"  And he said, "Yeah I know, I made it for you."  I said, "What do you mean you made it for me, it's your birthday?"  And he answered, "I made it for you cause I wanted you to feel special."
I believe somewhere inside of himself, Pat knew he wouldn't be around to make my cake for my birthday this year.  I honestly believe does Nancy.

Well, here are two photos of me and my dear dear friend that I miss so very much.  I still can't believe he is gone.  It's still hard to wrap my brain around it.
The one thing I have taken away from all of this is to let the people you love know you love may be the last thing they take with them...and the last thing you have of them.    June
This was us at his last bd party in June, geez,
it's really hard to even look at these now

And this was us three years ago, but it's one of my very favorites.


Peggy said...

June, I am so sorry for your loss, it happened so fast. I know what it is to lose someone you love so much from this disease.
You are a faithful friend and the best you can do for Pat is helping Nancy the way you do.
I truly believe souls don't die, I believe our loved ones still can see and hear us And they are sad to see we're sad.
So look at the clouds and smile to him, blow kisses because he can see it. That's what I do everyday for my father.
Take care.

JUNE said...

Thank you so much for your kind and loving words...I think about him often and speak to him from time to time...I would like to believe he hears me. love, june

Peggy said...

You're welcome :o)
Love from Paris, France

Noemi said...

Wow June,
It is interesting how sometimes things happen. Yesterday, I was thinking of you. Thinking that I hadn't seen you around for long time, so I just went to check your blog, just in case that I missed on something. Are there you are, just telling us all what has been going on.
It really saddens me to read. Just the thought of Nancy loosing her best friend, her lover and you, not just loosing Pat, but seeing a good friend going through such an ordeal. I cannot imagine how hard is all this going on you.
Please, accept my condolences and prayers.
I am so sorry for your loss, and I truly hope that all this makes you a stronger person, much more loving and that it helps you to make your priority what it really is worth, people.
As I am saying this I know that we all need to change our priorities, and to learn to love and to be loved.
I am sending you the warmest hug, all the way from Spain.

Gabriela said...

Dear June,

what great loss! I sat here reading yur post in tears. The feelings mixed. How lucky have you all been to know such a wonderful being! How sad that he's not phisically with you!
Obviously he w as fabulous, obviously he made everyone's lives better by knowing him, he will be always within you all...t

Sher from Tx said...

What a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lynn Richards said...

So, so very sorry to hear of your monumental loss. What a blessing to have you as a friend to lean on.

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's