Sunday, October 30, 2011


On out recent trip down to LA, we were hunting around for "treasures" as we like to call them.  Ray's daughter guided us through the streets of Silverlake and we ended up in Pasadena.  We drove past a 2-3 story brick building a block long.  It had gigantic fake topiaries with lights on top of the roof and the name said STATS.  So we went inside.

This is what we found.

This was part of the Halloween display

 Then we popped our heads into one of the biggest antiques stores we've ever been in.  This was an amazing place, two levels and things were crazy expensive...but still fun to look at.

 And last but not least, this is a theatre near Mekenzie's house, cool huh?....

 We had a nice visit with the family and spent an afternoon with my oldest LA friend, Patrick, (my excentric artist buddy), and stopped by in Ventura on our way home and picked up a couple treasures along the way...oh I almost forgot, this is one we brought home with us from LA...hope you had a great weekend as well...xoxo june

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johanna said...

just thought of you (posted a little buddha project on my blog) and wanted to drop you a line... shame on me, i haven´t been here for a while (just read your post about your friend pat, driving me to tears) - crazy busy everyday life! well, health is an issue, but i try to distract myself as much as possible. one of my best friends is dealing with morbus hodgkin, oh my... seems the untroubled times are over. so: CARPE DIEM!!
you look so happy on your photos... did i ever tell you that meeting ray seems to have been one of the best things ever happened to you?! he looks so likeable!!! i wish you both all the very very best!!!!!
btw, love the new look of your blog - aren´t these haeckel drawings gorgeous!! unbeatable nature! i´ve been quite a bit into photographing recently (refreshing an old passion) & learned a bit of editing - and also nature is my favorite subject. seems i can´t get enough of it.
enough for the moment. i linked your blog to my blogroll now, so i might more often be reminded to visit:)
wishing you the very best!!! enjoy every day as much as possible!!!
oxoxox, johanna

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's