Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well it's finally coming together enough for me to start planting some things...still gotta a way to go, and it definitely will not be a complete creation this season....but it's still so exciting to see these changes and know that I will soon have the garden I have always dreamed of.  The first three shots are a reminder of what this space used to look like.  The kids who live in the back apartment we have, built this a couple years ago and it was really sweet. But the posts were loose and spaced too far apart and the mesh netting above was propped up loosely, it just wasn't substantial enough for what I wanted.  I originally had planned to reinforce the whole thing, but it just morphed into a whole new area.  And we couldn't be happier....enjoy!  

Just a  simple little garden of whimsey

The deer had free reign

This is the backside after the posts were taken down

This is that exact backside now....a garden shed, which will be covered in wood,  as part of the wall

Looking at this from behind to show the expanse of the fence coming up into the back of the yard off the back porch.  This area next to the shed will become the firewood cutting/storing area

These are the old posts we used to create our planter boxes....I decided it was easier to use container with the serious issue with gofers. but I really like the look anyway.

My big flower box...it's 5x12 foot.
The compost bin and container is behind

This is on the opposite side of the garden, which is now a
36 foot square.
This is the main veggie container and is 3.5 x 24 foot

I've added birdhouses along the back fence on both sides not only for fun and whimsy, as well as a bird haven....but it adds the height I need to keep the deer from jumping over.
 Loads of obstacles out here in the forest.

An over all  look....what you can't see is I have strung three strands of very rusty wire a foot apart on the top half of the fence, all the way around.  With the bottom about five feet tall, this makes the fence roughly nine feet protected....that ought to hold  those  dang jumping deer from getting to my roses!
 Now all we need to do is finish building a couple more containers...there's one behind the open gate that you can't really see that will be for all the lettuce/arugula/spinach etc and herbs.    You also can't see the little fairy tale gate I made in this photo...will have to get one soon, I'm very proud of the cute little thing. And this front wall just out of the photo is going to be the home of my greenhouse...yay!!  This has been a long arduous journey. Lot's of delays with the weather and such...but coming along now.  Will keep you updated as things grow (pun intended).
xoxo, juner


Gabriela said...

What a great garden! I love the boxes!!!I am working on getting some for me!
Doesn't it make you feel good to do this?Oh yeah....

Noemi said...

I wish so much a had a garden! I love my flat, but I miss so much having a backyard or just a little open space.
Yours looks amazing and I can just imagine how much effort you have put on that. Well done and please, please show us pictures once the flowers are out!

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

I always love coming back to your blog to read what you have been doing lately. Your trip down the coast sounds lovely. I love the whimsy and eccentricity of your friends and their loft. You and your friends sound like the type of people I could hang out with. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a sweet message. I look forward to seeing what comes up in your garden. Blessings, Rebecca

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's