Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm getting a lot of emails with questions about my new man Ray...it's been amazing the response this has generated...seriously, you people are making me cry with your kind and loving words.  My friends and family haven't seen me with some one in a very long time and its' blowing minds to say the least because not many knew.  Lisa opened up a whole piece of my life for everyone and its' a bit overwhelming to share with so many people I don't even know.  But this OWOH family of friends is like none I have ever experienced in my life...so here goes.

As Lisa mentioned I had a tough time of it at first, letting down some of my very strong reinforced walls...an old love was  still situated very deeply in my heart, even though we had not been together in a very long time.   Then Abigail from Montana, and Rusted  Wind Gallery, whom I had struck up an initial friendship with through OWOH wrote to me about her friend in Santa Cruz, Ray, and thought we should meet.  And the rest is now OUR history.

This is the first photo I saw of Ray on his daughters web site, www.worldsoundproductions.com, back in February when we were  first introduced... by the way his daughter Mekenzie is without a doubt one of the most amazing artst around, she teaches art at Otis in LA...go check her out, you won't be disappointed.
...So I thought, this works just fine for me..ha ha....I wanted  to share this with you because I felt the photo Lisa had was not a very sincere rendition of this cutie!  (thx Lisa for the really bad close up angle..not a good idea with a digital)  And might I add...Not bad for  58!  He's sporting gray/white facial hair now and I like it lot's! and he has more gray on his head but still the same exact face....lucky me!

I just can't thank everyone enough for all your well wishes..it's been an avalanche of reply to Lisa  and  myself..it brought tears to my eyes and my heart that so many  people care.

Thx again for all your love..I'll keep you posted on mine...wouldn't want to let anyone down...we are definitely in the market for a happy ending...luv, juner


Janny said...

Thanks for sharing, I am happy for you both;o)

Debby said...

Good for the two of you. I think this is amazing and love reading about it.

Rusted Wings said...

what a lovely post and beautiful photo of Ray...his eyes just radiate love and depth! and my heart leaps when i think of you two, the blending of hearts and new love growing with Spring's glory!!
praise be to God, the source and giver of every good and perfect thing!!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's