Thursday, April 1, 2010


I realized I have not been very attentive to my blog and keeping up with everyone.  I feel bad that I  still haven't gotten to any new bloggers from the list of OWOH...let alone check on everyone that I am following. Although I did get to a few last week...and boy did I see some amazing things!  You people are seriously talented out there!
It's been a whirl wind of work this past month.  I'm really putting all my efforts in to the storybook project at the moment.  Been writing almost everyday.  I have tee shirts and posters now. And the last two new characters, Dunston ? the keeper of the books, (still don't know his last name), and Mathilda's older sister, Annabel, are just about ready to share with you.

But the best thing about the past couple of  weeks has been the heralding of Spring....I just love this time of year...Autumn is  my favorite, so I must love the transition time of the planet.  My garden is coming to bloom, the trees and their leaves.  This is my first Spring in this home and it's really been lovely so far...sitting on the Veranda Bench with the White Tunisian design umbrella...I'm just loving it!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun and flowers, and the cool sweet air....I promise  I won't stay away so long anymore and definitely keep up better with all my new friends...luv, Juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's