Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well thanx to OWOH, I am adding some very beautiful pieces to my newly started "Mary" collection.  I wanted to share a couple that I have received this past week ...none framed yet, and not perfect lighting...but I think you can see where I'm going with this...

The little "Blue" tile piece is from Sarah Wallis in England, her site is  This piece is simply precious...the little chipped pieces of blue print china that she did mosaic of onto the sides, are actually something that collects on the shores of the Thames!!  How strange is that?  I think it must be some old factory debris...?? just a guess....but super romantic for me!


The next  two pieces come from Florida, and  These are simply amazing up close the tonal changes and the golds...she has some ethnic interpretations that are unique and touching...she has so many choices that are so exquisite, it was quite the challenge for me to choose...but I did and these two beauties are waiting for their super ornate gold frames...yeah!

And the final piece I am sharing is from a fifteen year old Zionah, who lives in Montana...this is her first painting..if you can believe that! She comes from one of the most talented families I have come in contact  with...her sister Shariyah has a talent that pours out of her soul and the piece I purchased from her of Frida, will blow your mind...this is coming from New Zealand however, and when it arrives I will certainly share immediately...but  back to Zionah....this piece is so detailed and emotion filled...I can't say enough about this work of art...her family is RustedWing Designs...please visit all of these sites...these are just beautifully talented woman, and I am honored to own pieces of their cherished labor's of love in my home...luv juner


Albion said...

Great collections. They are lovely painting with attractive colors. I like to design my Poster with such an attractive manner. Thanks for presenting such a wonderful collections here.

Pam Aries said...

June.. the Marys are so cool. ! what a great idea, Say..I just found out from my good friend bloggie buddy Lisa that ya'll are friends! I had your site bookmarked from OWOH.. Small world !

Sarah said...

What a lovely idea June, to make a Mary collection. I love paintings of her.

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's