Monday, July 11, 2016


I'm going to keep it short and much going on, as per usual around here.  Mainly, my husband has really had a time of it with his health..we just got back from the hospital again, today...but all looks like it should be on the mend...let's only hope so! 
Either way, we were able to have a moment to play before things went south...We had a great pre-4th party on the 3rd...tons of food and a lovely day with friends and family.

the patio has not been sealed yet so you
can't see how spectacular the color really
is...all blues and greens...soon!

We got a new kitty...!!  His name is Ziggy...Ziggy Stardust, for obvious reasons...he's a goofy looking little varmint...but loving his guts!  He's easy going and simply hangs on your lap for hours..plays with your face for a bit and snuggles like the dickens...A-dor-able!! 

Then there's the garden...since I'm working on changing things over to make for a more efficient home farm...planning on putting up a small barn down on the road to sell our goodies...I've been re-working the layout and importance of exactly what it is I am planting.  And right now that is mainly Tomatoes..and loads of them.  All amazing heirlooms and getting ready for canning, sauces and pickin right out the garden to eat!


And let's not forget the orchard...first and foremost, the grapes!!  I have a major crop going of Champagne grapes that I can't wait to eat and dehydrate into pounds of of our favorites around here.  The apple trees, the peach trees...apricot, plum, pear, cherry, fig, orange, lemon...however, not retaining a major crop as expected with the new hell that has become farm life...squirrels!!@!!!  So far this little fuck has completely cleared my plum and apricot..literally not one piece of fruit spared...and now he's half way through my two peach'll notice the netting surrounding didn't deter him in the's beyond heartbreaking...there are no words...moving on.


concord! yay!



white snow queen..what's left of them!!@@

looking back in from orchard..sweet brick
deck with fountain, potted plants and
drinking water spigot!

front gate from patio down into garden

nice view of back gate with trellised
grapes above.

strawberry patch

overview from backside, showing rose garden
on right and lawn above in back

heirloom, Rhode Island green..

staircase from front lawn down into orchard,
where theres a firepit, a soon to be deck, but for now
 a long bench and horseshoe pit set up...quite the
hang around here...soon to be planted in
"wedding"urns, peonys...concord grapes growing
along grape stake fence...awesome!

And chamomile flowers from the tea garden..yes, I am growing a tea garden...chamomile, lavender and lemon balm.  Will be including, ginger soon...big giant containers to go on the hillside in the back, next to the soon to be extended orchard, and...wait for it...the bee hive, and...still wait..the sheep pasture...don't ask!

The girls are having a fun summer thus far...and that's about it!

from top...Ruby, Penelope, and the old gal, Vida

Miss Monroe..need I say more!


The Ladies!

Much love to my besties...taking time to just "be" around here...been a very stressful year to say the I'm learning, however, it seems it's been that way for all of us in one form or another...and I'm sorry to hear about your sadness' and set backs  too...hope all is moving forward for everyone...mucho love to you all..enjoy the rest of your happy! xox juner


Amanda Greer said...

It's great to see how things are! I hope your husband is better! Ziggy is adorable, and your garden is gorgeous as ever... sending love to you and yours!

June M. Pace said...

Hey sweetie...thx for the thoughts and well wishes. My husband is doing so much better., we're super grateful. Ziggy is growing and double the size, he's the most cuddly kitty imaginable. The garden ended up having a rough time of it...that squirrel ended up clearing six fruit trees down to nothing, began working on my tomatoes, till he was taking no less than five huge ones a day and now my champagne grapes are history....the fig tree is all that's left, for now at least. And something got into the coop (we believe it was a fox) and took out all but two of my chickens and got the little puffer summer indeed...however, we just had our son's wedding this past week and things are moving forward. Hope all is well on your would be nice to catch up again, I miss our talks! thx again for leaving a comment, I so appreciate it! love coming back your way..juner

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's