Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Okay, so I woke up last Monday (or actually the one before this past one), one week after our wedding, and still had the doldrums...we both did.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that half the party was still laying around our house and dress was hanging on the door, staring at me, taunting I finally put it in the closet....out of sight out of mind.
Amid my tears I sat in our bed and talking to my husband I realized, what are we doing?  This is probably why people leave right after their's too much emotion to just sit in it.  So I said, "let's just go to Tahoe today...just stay one night..."  

His best man had given us the money to go as a gift, however, after the explosion of cash that went out, we were less than willing to spend anything more, gift or not.  Which is why in the beginning we decided, we live in a great little town with plenty to see and do...let's just tool around we did, for the first few days...but now it wasn't wasn't working for he looked back up at me and said, "Seriously, leave today?" and I said, "yeah, just go, what's really stopping us...we have this money, we'd spend it here anyway on going out to dinner and such...let's just get outta here...besides, Mark really wanted us to go.."  So he looked at me like I was crazy for about a minute and then simply said..."Okay, let's just get out of here right now." 

And so we did...and let me tell you...two days in Tahoe works miracles!!

Someone else had left this in the sand for us to
stumble fortuitous !

Fallen Leaf home to me...

Not for me in Sept....brave man

Hubba hubba hubbie of mine

Works for me....(a nod to my niece)

So thx Mark for the lovely gift and we're so happy we did really felt like more than two days...we stayed at the lodge in Camp Rich and enjoyed ourselves immensely!!   So the next day we got home I got a cold and it's still here a week not like me...however, all the months of stress and no sleep finally caught now I need to get healthy for round two of our mini honeymoon month with a stay at a resort on the beach in Monterey...another gift from my old friend Lin and her husband until then...we're still in honeymoon phase over here..can't be less than a few minutes away from each other...marriage changes a lot...and in our case...wowza!  Hope this lasts forever, it's a tremendous feeling!!
Mucho love out there...until next time...xoxo juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's