Sunday, November 18, 2012


My dearest buddy Sue asked me to do a painting of her brother George.  He is turning 60 next week and he has a garage band with his kids...they entertain the entire neighborhood at every single block party and event.  I've been, and it's really fun!  Music is really important to him.  He's actually going to a guitar camp to celebrate his birthday, so playing is definitely an important part of his life.  It was a super cool and thoughtful gift to say the least.

So here's the photo she gave to me and the cropping I did to make it more exciting and in the vein of work that I do...(otherwise it would have just been a portrait, and I  don't do portraits!).

So I had fun, kept it rockin, and did my thing.   

It was WELL received...thank god!  It's nerve racking painting someone that others know inside and out...quite the pressure to say the least...but I think I did a good job.

Hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, I'll get back later this week with the catching up of what's been going on around here...chickies and ducks with a new pond and eggs and new fireplace hearths...LOADS of good things to share with you.
I may get a little behind as I'm madly working to finish up the painting I began last year of Jessie James, before he became a "bad" boy and broke Sandra's heart and I put it away...but he's coming back out of storage and here's why....

One of my besties, Jamie, who lives in New York now,  want's to take a photo of it with her to Vegas where she'll be meeting up with him to do a American Chopper show... she befriended him last year, (say's he's actually a nice guy...himmm) and can't wait to share my work with him.
So share away I say....let's just hope it sparks some interest with all his biker friends.  All it takes is one bad boy to spread your name around and you're in....I'm just sayin....

Too much going on here...if I had done this whole photo,
 it would not have been dynamic.

So I cropped it, and made it off center,
which is the way I like to paint.

Here it is...not a great photo, it's a lopsided crop
and the green looks splotchy,
which it isn't...but looks like George. 

This was just the beginning rough,
only a couple hours into the painting.
it's way further right now....
but I don't want to give everything away...!!
Have a great holiday this coming week, just in case I don't get back sooner....mucho warm tidings to all...xoxo juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's