Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well I sure have learned a lot about the problems with blogger in the past couple of days.
I won't even go into what it has taken to get my site back to ALMOST normal.  I did retrieve my background by changing my template...however, I can't make any other changes now!  I don't want all that dark black background, I want to give it more grey...and there shouldn't be anything under the whole piece so that you can see the background through all the empty spaces.

I couldn't be more frustrated with this whole mess!  NONE of it makes any sense and people are complaining about the changes made to the dashboard and everything else.  So whatever you do...don't mess about with the background stuff too much...the one thing I learned is since they changed things up, many people are having serious issues working with this particular, right now this is where it's at...I can't possibly work one more minute on this.  I've already put many many hours into it and this is what I ended up with.
Maybe some day soon I'll get the nerve up to attempt the changes I desire, but until then...I got paintings to do and a book to adios to blogger template....for now.

Remember, you've been warned!

Good luck...keep happy...stay off of blogger template, and have a great day! oxxo juner

ps.  to all my broadcast followers, NONE of this means anything to you...but you are on my regular emails so you're stuck with my every thought, be it personal or technical...I'll post something fun in a couple of days to make it up to you!  love you all...

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's