Sunday, January 15, 2012


Okay, so I promised a special post presenting my perfect gift from Lisa...a whimsical bohemian...She studied the illustration, (from my website) of one of my FAVORITE character from my new book, "Benjamin McTish and the Door Through The Grandfather Tree" ...and brought her to life for me!

It was super exciting to sit with my family surrounding me on my birthday, Xmas day, with my eyes closed, again, after just being ushered into the dining room with my eyes closed to reveal a perfect snowman birthday cake from Ray...I opened my eyes and couldn't even understand what I was seeing at first...then it hit me...OH MY GOD!  It's MATHILDA!

Lisa captured everything about this character from her orange kinky curls to her ballet pink toes.  She used a piece of her own orange tree to make the base for Mathilda to sit upon...which represents the Grandfather Tree, with his "Key" in the lock. Then below she pieced specific items that are representatives of different parts of the story...some of you may recall the top hat and balancing ball belonging to Chantilly Lily, and the hook with the star, to represent Finley Heaton the Star Hanger.

I have Mathilda here, with me, on my desk, as tremendous inspiration for me.  She makes it all seem so "real", the idea of the whole book and the possibilities. It's so very exciting to me. 

I'm working very hard on finding an agent/publisher, to take this book all the way.  It's the first in a series and I couldn't be more excited or proud that I have written a good book.  I'm working on getting an ebook of it made at present. In the meantime if anyone is interested in reading the book, just let me know.  I could use the feedback.  Just know that the offer only stands for a short while, as soon I will begin charging for the here for your whimsical enjoyment.... 

I present Mathilda Wickcliff, as observed by Lisa Oceandreamer....and just in case you are wondering, Yes! Lisa is very open to creating any character from any book, or otherwise, that you find you simply cannot live without...enjoy! xoxo juners

She has Mathilda holding up a copy of the book,
 instead of  the balloon

She put a tea cup, from Mathilda's tea party,
and a CD of her favorite music, very important to Mathilda

Mathilda wears tee shirts with her favorite singers,
 this one being the "Blues Billies"...(a name I made up)

Chantilly Lily's top had and transporting ball

The Key in the lock and the roses from the
"Enchanted Rose Garden",
and a star, for Finley Heaton, the Star Hanger,
and a piece of burlap to represent the pile of burlap covered hay
in the garden shed that Benjamin lies upon to dream.

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Tammy Freiborg said...

It's all there ... amazing!

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's