Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm finally getting to all the trim work and finishing up walls that have sat half finished for are my latest bits of work in progress...enjoy, juner

Guest room door downstairs, this is part of the old french bedroom.
I'll get a complete photo of the room up, it really looks terrific!

This is actually my favorite door so really suits the design in this room

The old antique gold is not aged yet here, but it still looks good

The ivory and black stripe ribbon lined in gold curls around the ceiling..
I'll be adding a small garland of roses at some point

The upstairs guest room inside door

Again with the aged gold not aged yet

The outside of the door, not finished, but close

The upstairs guest room, with soft French country store drapery, I love these

The beginnings of the hall ceiling mural...very beginning stages yet...

Painted out the old white cabinet...this color really pops nicely off the dark moss walls

Again, the gold isn't aged down yet...but it still looks better than what we had before.
All the windows and doors will be blue with antique gold casings.

Finally getting all the layers on the walls, still one more to go, the darker  sepia wash,
but again, I like the look of this anyway, 

Looking down from the staircase, the brown is the base for the antique gold

Looking up from our breeze way from the master suite.
All the brown will be gold

Okay, so we're off to the top of the mountain to hunt for our Xmas trees check back in a few days and see what we put up...xoxo, enjoy your holidays, juner

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Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's