Tuesday, August 6, 2019

It's Time!

Too much to explain...too much going on...too sorry for being away so long....

Hopefully we can get back on track!  New posts coming!  Thx to all those who have hung in there..xo

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I know it's been six..well seven months!  Too much to say right now..but I will be back very soon.  Here's a quick pic...happy new year everyone!


Monday, June 11, 2018

Long Time no visit....

When I say my life is busy...I'm not fooling.  I thought we were supposed to relax now that we're in our sixties?!
ANYwho....our main focus has been on the landscaping, flagstone patio and two, yes two, DG patios off the main flagstone.  The one on the left will have a fire pit and the one on the right sits under a massive oak that will be filled with lights to sit out on warm breezy summer nights with friends at the big wooden dinning table...ahhhh!!

Some new girls to the pack...and one boy..damn!  But too cute to send away...yet..ha ha.  Some garden shots...things are blooming around here.  PS. Don't forget, I'm the Tomato Lady...35 planted so far and six more coming soon...I LOVE canning them for the autumn/winter months...Enjoy!

This is a small shot...this DG patio of 20 feet long
and pretty wide...it goes to the gate entry...the hydrangeas
are coming in wonderfully.  The oak above is huge...it's
simply lovely here.We sit here every day for lunch..
too bad huh?

The flagstone is not set yet, and once finished will
have a sealer on it so you will see the deep deep
blue/green color of these stones...soooo pretty.
Step down to this fenced area where a Pit to come
will be on the right of the wide space in the middle...
looks awesome!

Mr. Big...a lemon cuckoo orpington,
who is almost 5 mos here...
can't wait for that tail to come in.
It will be a brown stripe eggs-travaganza...
see how I did that?  Right now it's softer in tone
and not bushy or long...

The newest cluster of chicks..
the front one is Hermione a blue splash orpington.
 Amazing blue color in person, I wish you could see it.
 Behind her to the right,
is Sweet Pea, who was originally
Mrs Big..or Ms. Bradshaw, aka Mrs. Preston...
who turned out not to be the lemon cuckoo female,
but a Buff Columbian cuckoo...so she's still just
Sweet Pea..and Buckbeak is hiding out in the back..
a black orpington.  And Mr. Big on the left.

This is my chocolate orpington...Maggie May..
so big and fluffy..and an amazing array of brown tones
from deep chocolate to a light latte on the bottom..
spectacular in person!

Sweet Pea..Buff Columbian orpington
four/five mos. old.

Millicent...Millie for short...a black laced Barnevelder..
who does NOT lay dark chocolate eggs as she
is supposed to..bummer!

Ha hahahaha...Lydia..my old barred Cochin..
love love love!

Ms. Chickie Gaga...
a light Brahma..strutting her stuff

Ziggy Stardust...BEYOND love!

Ms. Bette...as in Divine!  A blue laced red wyndotte,
 who never turned blue..
bummer again..but pretty nonetheless.

My favorite in color..dont tell the others..
Princess Buttercup..a gold laced Cochin

Ms. Gilda...my homage to Ms. Radner...
a dark Brahma...the hen, not ms. Radner.

And last but not least my oldest gal..
a Silver Laced Cochin..Ms. Wynifred...
or Winnie most days.  Millie is behind her.
Hope your summer is starting off peacefully and full of fun and exciting adventures to come...keep in touch.  Big hugs to all my besties..xoxo juner.

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's